Must-try: Doggo dog care items that worked paw-fectly on my fur babies

Remember when we last posted about a dog brand called “Doggo” in July? I’ve been trying out their products on my fur baby Beanie for the past few months and I think it’s about time to give our personal recommendations for millennial fur moms and dads on our page. We all know that it can be challenging to find the right grooming products and food now that it’s not advisable to go out due to the ongoing pandemic. To keep ourselves and our fur babies safe, I ordered some of Doggo’s products online via Lazada and here’s how it went.

I ordered a variety of Doggo Treats, and leash and bucket harness. It only took three days for my orders to arrive and all were neatly packed. My orders even came with freebies — samplers of their Doggo Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as additional treats. Based on how my dog reacted, here’s a list of must-try products:


Doggo Shampoo in Cherry

Before we tried Doggo’s bath products, we’ve only been using a bar soap for dogs. It does its job in cleaning dirt but the scent easily disappears. This wasn’t the case when we started using Doggo, though! The shampoo smelled super nice, it’s almost like that of aromatherapy liquid soaps for humans. Beanie’s fur also remained shiny for a whole week, even if she zooms around the house a lot! It also comes in Melon and Jasmine variants, all of which are formulated with a long-lasting deodorizing effects.

Doggo Conditioner with Jeju Serum

Complementing the Doggo Shapoo’s deodorizing effect, the Doggo Conditioner helps keep fur soft and shiny. It has a Jeju Serum which does the trick! Because of the samplers I’ve received, I can’t help but order another 250mL bottle for this month.

Doggo Medicated Shampoos

Another promising set to try! Although I like the cherry shampoo, anti parasitic variants can also help us be at peace that no tick or flea will be attaching themselves to our pups. Doggo has an anti-tick variant for ticks and fleas, anti-mange variant for scabies, and anti-parasitic variant for other parasites. I got our dogs the anti-parasitic variant for extra protection.

Fresh from bath. #BeanieApproved!

All their bath products are available in 250mL and 500mL variants. Nothing goes over Php 300! Super worth it.


Doggo Crisp Clicker & Whistle

For a change, we’ll be doing whistle training so it’s not always voice commands. For a fur mom/dad like me who doesn’t know how to whistle, well… a whistle like this one will be our best bet. πŸ˜‰

Doggo Leash and Bucket Harness

It can be challenging to leash-train dogs especially when they’ve spent majority of their life indoors. Such is the case for Beanie, who is a “pandemic doggo” born in 2020. To make leash training easier, we got a vest-like harness from Doggo so she can’t chew through it. Worked paw-fectly! The large size costs Php 509.

If a harness isn’t fit for your fur baby, Doggo also offer collars in different colors worth Php 160 for large-size dogs.

Doggo Cutie Treats

During training time, I prefer giving small treats so we can keep going without our puppers feeling full. Doggo’s treats are rich in protein and Vitamin B, and made with premium ingredients. A set of 5 only costs Php 683 during sale season.

Doggo Dental Sticks

May that be beef, chicken, or milk, my dog loves it! I give dental sticks once a day — usually before bed time. Beanie knows when it’s already time to sleep because of this. A pack with 20 pcs costs Php 198 only.

Doggo Pure Chicken Twister

Because it’s made with real meat, Beanie and our other dogs look forward to snack time. Doggo’s twister has low fat, high protein, enables high digestion, and helps maintain dogs’ shiny coat. It’s also available in pure chicken jerky, chicken drumsticks, beef sticks, and duck jerky. Got it for only Php 249 on sale.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, Doggo also offers products to help keep pups looking slick and dapper with Grooming Tools made for doggos of all sizes. Options abound for each grooming purpose: there are Doggo Slicker Brush and Doggo Bristle and Metal Pin Brush for fur detangling; Doggo Bathing Brush for relaxing bath time massages; Doggo Sharp Grooming Scissors and Doggo Sharp Layering Scissors for fur styling and trimming; and Doggo Shedding Brush for long-haired dogs.

It’s not just me who recommends Doggo, too! Even online star Nico Bolzico trusts Doggo as his care arsenal for Pochola. After all, the products that Doggo offers are based on Doggo CEO and fur parent Kurt Cheng’s own journey and experience in raising a dog.

If you’re interested to purchase any of the products mentioned above, just click on the name of the product (I hyperlinked everything) or you may visit Doggo’s website, GrabMart, Pet Express, Shopee and Lazada. Hope this helps, fur moms and dads! πŸ™‚

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  1. Very recommended po talaga Ang mga items and products na ito for our furbabies must have din Lalo na if may mga furbabies Tayo πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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