5 Things that can help boost your motivation to stay fit

Everyone wants that toned and fit body but not everyone has enough motivation to reach their ideal body type (‘cos same here). I admittedly reached points in my life where I made huge purchases on workout bands, sports bras, and yoga mats, among others just to kickstart my fitness journey but those were never enough to motivate me to actually stick to my fitness routine. So how do we prepare ourselves physically and mentally before we jump into this #BalikAlindog project? As Britney Spears puts it: “You better work b*tch!” and here are some tips to do so:

1.Get a smart watch to monitor your daily workout

Relying on mental counting and YouTube videos don’t always work, at least for people like me whose main motivator would be to see results. A smart watch like the Huawei Watch 3 can help provide accurate results such as calories burned, kilometers walked, heart rate, blood oxygen rate, and even stress level. When cycling or running outside, this smartwatch can also record your route so you can see how far you’ve traveled! It also has over 100 workout modes — 19 professional workout modes for indoor and outdoor sports, and 85 custom modes with automatic exercise detection. Works really well for pool lapses when swimming, too!

2. Maintain a regular exercise schedule

This is probably one of the most challenging things to do, but setting a specific time and day/s for workout is a must so our body and mind can get used to our routine. You can exercise in the morning before you go to work or at night before going to bed, whichever works best for you. Setting up alarms on your phone or Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch can help alert you when it’s time to get moving.

3. Use a smart scale to record your progress

Relying on weight change and recording them via pen and paper are no longer enough. Today, we already have scales that are smart enough to deliver a full report regarding our weight, body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, fat distribution, and body composition straight to our smartphone. The Huawei Scale 3 Pro is a perfect example of this. It can record the time and date when specific measurements were made via the Huawei Health App and it also delivers a close-to-accurate data about a person’s protein, body water content, heart rate, bone mineral content, and weight of muscles and fat on each part of the body. These features enable smart-home living not just for you, but also for the whole family as multiple users can keep track of their body stats using the same smart scale.

4. Set clear, attainable goals

Whether it’s a long-term goal (e.g. target weigh, target muscle mass) or immediate goal (e.g. calories burned per workout, total steps in a day), make sure to take note of what you want to accomplish. It may be hard to remember all those numbers, so a trusty health devices can help keep those goals in place.

If you’re using a smart scale like the Huawei Scale 3 Pro, target physical goals can be recorded via the Huawei Health App so you’ll see your progress over time. When using the Huawei Watch 3, on the other hand, you can set your workout targets such as number of calories burned and workout duration, and health targets such as hours of sleep, max heart rate, alarms for low blood oxygen, and the like.

5. Prepare a workout playlist to hype you up

Let Britney Spears remind you why you’re sweating those calories off! I personally love the 2000s Throwback workout playlist on Spotify, you won’t even realize that you’ve been walking for hours with songs on loop. Music is a good kind of distraction and it also helps maintain your pace – depending on the beat of your songs.

BTW, songs can also be controlled via smartwatches like the Huawei Watch 3! 😉

There are a lot of things that we can do to keep ourselves motivated, we just really need to keep trying to find the best ones that work for us. The things mentioned above worked for me, so I do hope that it can help kickstart your fitness journey, too! During these tough times, remember: Health is wealth!

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