REVIEW: Rapoo X260 PINK Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard below Php 1500!

Don’t you find it annoying when your workstation has too many wires? I do. That’s why I’ve completely freed myself from the usual wired monitor, wired keyboard, wired mouse, and wired CPU setup for over 5 years now. However, it seems that brands are starting to make the wireless option more affordable, widely available, and even more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, so I’m starting to reconsider. For Rapoo, they’re ready to provide arsenal for our pink workstation, starting with the Rapoo X260 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard.

Every box of the X260 already comes with matching keyboard and mouse in three colorways – white, black, and pink. Obviously, because pink is Manila Millennial‘s color, we got a pink one! At first glance, the Rapoo X260 keyboard reminded me of typewriter keys since they also rock a circular shape for the key caps. It looks like the perfect addition to a pastel-colored workspace, but like any other tech device, it has its own pros and cons.


Let’s start with the keyboard. This lengthy input device is only powered by a single AA battery, which can already last for more or less a year. It’s easy to connect even if it’s wireless due to the plug-and-play nano receiver. Once you plug in the nano receiver from the mouse to your laptop or CPU, the keyboard will automatically work as well.

The Rapoo X260’s keys look very cute because of the blush pink shade. The keys are easy to press and they don’t produce annoying clickity-clackity sounds like mechanical keyboards. The keys have spaces in between a la typewriter due to the circular laser-carved key cap shape, so unlike square key caps, you’ll have to really extend your fingers to make sure that your fingers won’t miss. It’s a bit challenging especially if you’re the type of person who is used to compact laptops, but I’m not complaining because it’s easier to type in numbers and computations with its number pad on the right side. The Function Keys on the topmost row are allso very much similar with that of a laptop’s and it includes volume adjustment, media player, and homepage shortcuts to name a few. Rapoo really maximized the whole 447mm length of the keyboard!


On the other hand, the wireless mouse is also very easy to use. All you need to do is to insert 1 AA battery, plug in the nano receiver to the USB port your computer, switch it on , and then you’re good to go. Rapoo says that it can last up to 12 months without power interruption since the devices don’t use up a lot of battery.

This pink mouse is very slim (113 x 64 x 30mm) so it fits my small hands perfectly. The feel is comparable to an Apple mouse and it’s super smooth! Controls are pretty much the same as a regular mouse with a left button, two-way wheel for scrolling, and a right button. Since it only weighs around 59g, it’s also easy to glide around and because of its 1000 DPI tracking engine, accurate and smooth cursor control becomes possible on any surface where I’ve tried to use it. Still works best on flat surfaces, though.

(P.S. This is not a gaming mouse so I think that’s already a given in terms of managing expectations)


X260 Keyboard

  • Number of keys: 104
  • Power supply mode: 1 AA battery
  • Battery life: Around 12 months
  • Keyboard size: 447 x 131 x 31mm
  • Keyboard weight: About 492g
  • Transmission method: Wireless 2.4G

X260 Mouse

  • Transmission model: Wireless 2.4G
  • Mouse sensitivity: 1300DPI
  • Working method: Optical engine
  • Buttons: Left, middle, and right
  • Wheel direction: Two-way
  • Mouse size: 113 x 64 x 30mm
  • Mouse weight: About 59g
  • Power supply mode: 1 AA battery
  • Battery life: Around 12 months

Overall, I would recommend the Rapoo X260 keyboard and mouse for people who have a lot of desk space at home and are willing to spare some time to get used to spacious keys. Both are aesthetically and functionally A+!


The Rapoo X260 is being sold for only Php 1,095 at Complex Computer Center, Complink Marketing, PCD Software Technology, Inc., Shiritori Ventures, Inc., and Gemtech Electronics Specialized Goods Trading branches nationwide.

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  1. Awesome features and specs. How I’m loving it. This is what exactly what I need . Thanks for sharing this to us. Coolest ever to me

  2. Ang ganda nga sa mata ng pink keyboard na to mas gaganahan kang mag work Wireless pa sya at very affordable din ang prize ❣️

  3. Love this 🥰 Ang ganda po talaga nitong rapoo x260 love the color pink din po very stylish and cute and affordable din po talagang perfect gamitin tong keyboard and mouse na ito 🥰😍 wireless pa 🥰

  4. Rapoo X260 Wireless Optical Mouse and Keyboard is really great and truly highly recommended. I love this color Pink 😍 super ganda and high standards po talaga. Bukod po sa magandang designs affordable pa.

  5. This is amazing!!! Gusto kopo itong Rapoo x260. Ganda ng design and Color 🥰 Highly recommended po talaga ito. And Napaka affordable lang din talaga. Worth it to buy 💞

  6. That was really Nice and Cool Keyboard and Mouse Ms. Cess, truly highly recommended ganda ng Specs, style, Color and Even the Quality, Mas maganda nrin gamitin kc wireless na Sia .. really love this so much..

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