How ToeSox grip socks can help in your workouts and where to find it

Did you know that not all workouts require wearing shoes? For those doing yoga, pilates, barre, and the like, it’s better to go barefoot. However, for sanitary reasons, some end up using ordinary socks – which isn’t really recommendable as such workout routines require proper grip and balance. To address these concerns while keeping users fashionable, ToeSox made their ToeSox & Tavi Noir grip socks with 5-toe designs available not just in their physical stores but online as well.

ToeSox has been around in the Philippines for quite some time now, but you can only find it in areas like the Certified Calm BGC, The Podium, and Power Plant Mall. With more people working out at home with the help of online coaches (and vlogs), ToeSox recently announced the upcoming launch of their Shopee Official Store on Tuesday (June 15, 2021).

In case you’re not yet familiar with grip socks, these are leveled up socks that create a hygienic barrier for your feet while still allowing your toes to feel free and uninhibited. The five-toe design mimics nature and the movement of your feet, toes and all. It anchors to your foot firmly but comfortably, and I can attest to this! No bunching, no twisting, and no slipping even if you try walking on tiled floor. As simple as it may look like, these pairs can actually help amplify our workout by activating our foot muscles through its unique design. Plus, it eliminates friction, chafing, blisters, and moisture between our toes, while promoting circulation.

Grip for Low Rise Full Toe Socks

The price may be quite high compared with ordinary socks, but I’d say that we receive an equivalent amount of comfort as well. I had blisters on my toes when I used my ToeSox Low Rise Full Toe Socks but my wound didn’t worsen after use. In fact, that was the comfiest socks that I’ve tried – not kidding!

The patented non-slip grip sole provides secure foot placement no matter what pose or move we get into. the socks’ arch band provides gentle pressure to lift and support the foot. It also sports a fitted heel guaranteed to prevent bunching and twisting of the sock as we move.

ToeSox when worn with sneakers.

There are different designs to choose from, which you can also browse through their Shopee page (for free shipping perks!). This includes five-toe low cut and full ankle socks, and Tavi Noir Grip Socks with a classic toe cut, half toe, and full toe designs in different colors. If you need recommendations, I’d suggest that you try their stylish Low Rise Full Toe designs! Each pair costs Php 950 to Php 1,050.

Tip: Check out on June 15 during the Shopee Payday Sale in order to get Php 150 off when you buy 2 items and collect shop vouchers to be used on top of your free shipping vouchers. Click on the product links above in order to be redirected. 🙂

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