SWATCHES: 5 Colourette products, shades for morenas

It’s amazing how adding a little bit of color on our cheeks and lips can instantly provide some confidence boost when needed – may we be facing people online or offline. It’s quite time-consuming to use multiple products, though! Now that we’re working and studying from home, I realized how essential it is to use makeup products that are lightweight enough to be used as eyeshadow, lip tint, and blush to instantly look presentable in just a few minutes. 3-in-1 products have been my default makeup must-haves and it’s something that I’ve loved about Colourette Cosmetics. Everything is versatile and the shades are really meant for morena girls (and guys)!

As a Colourette user ever since their Colourtint days, here’s a list of must-try products and best-selling shades that can definitely fit your budget:


Price: Php 299

The key to an MLBB x rosy glow look! Among the 8 Coloursnap tinted balm shades, Beachy is my ultimate favorite as it perfectly gives off a natural-looking rose-colored blush with its peachy brown shade. The packaging is also very compact and travel-friendly, it can even fit in your pockets! Coloursnap has a multi-use formula which is lightweight enough to be used for the eyelids, cheeks, and lips. It’s also buildable and highly pigmented so it’s easy to create a whole makeup look with just one product.

In my case, I like using my fingertip to apply the product on my face. I just make sure to wash my hands thoroughly and apply alcohol before doing so. A makeup brush or sponge can also be used but I’m more comfortable applying it with my fingertips.

For me, the best part about using Coloursnaps is that one pack only weighs 8g, so using it all up within 12 months upon opening won’t be a big deal. I rarely get to use more than half of my makeup products before its expiry date so buying makeup in small packaging can help lessen wasted stuff.


Price: Php 299

Another 3-in-1 product, but this time, it’s oil-based. Colourtints come in 35 shades with Fresh and Matte variants, but my top 3 would be Robin, Emma, and Manila. Similar to other liquid lippies in glass packaging, this product from Colourette comes with a doe-foot applicator. Personally, I find it easier to use this vs bullet lipsticks. The only thing that you need to remember before each application is to “shake (it) up real good”, as stated in its packaging, to ensure that the tint and oil are mixed together.

Emma’s rosy brown nude tint is true to its color, blendable, and ultra-pigmented. However, note that it would be hard to blend and smudge as soon as it sets in. For me, the only downside is that it tends to highlight the lines on our lips when re-applied, but this can be solved using their Blur Balm.


Price: Php 299

Another Colourtint must-try! Similar to the Emma shade, Manila in sunset peach tint can also be used on the eyelids, lips, and cheeks. This is also good for 2 years upon opening or until it dries up.

EASY MATTE in Caffeine

Price: Php 349

My first Easy Matte purchase from Shopee! I bought this together with the Blur Balm after I saw reviews about it being highly pigmented. I’ve been an avid fan of gingerbread brown hues for a long time now and the Caffeine shade is just on point! It has an extreme color payoff and provides a soft matte effect on the lips. Works best with the Blur Balm to help keep our lips from looking dry and chapped.

All Easy Matte shades come in a slim black bullet packaging with a matte finish. I’ve been using mine for months now and it never showed signs of melting even though it’s super humid in the Philippines. Also very lightweight and easy to carry around!

SHIMMERTINT in Rose Quartz

Price: Php 349

To balance the list, which mostly contains matte products, here’s a little something that can help add a shimmery finish to our look. I love using matte but it’s also important to highlight some features of our face, especially when we’re in front of a camera or bright light source. This Shimmertint in crystal pink-like tint can give us that natural glow, may we be indoors or under the sun. Just be careful not too apply too much!

Overall, I’d recommend Colourette products in general as these all deliver what they promise in their marketing materials. Shades are morena-friendly and these are locally made! 🙂

You can shop these products via their Shopee store or simply click on the product names above in order to be redirected to the main product page.

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