How to measure your cup size when shopping for a bra online

For ladies, knowing our “perfect fit” when it comes to intimate wear is a must. A small miscalculation can already result to either super loose or super tight inner-wear and that’s uncomfortable! With the changes due to the pandemic, we can no longer fit items at the mall, more so go out in fear of contracting the virus. The best alternative would be purchasing such items online, so here’s a quick guide that we learned from Avon while checking out their #LetHerBe campaign:

STEP 1: Find your BODY SIZE

To get the body size, place a measuring tape around your rib cage while wearing a bra. Stand straight, breathe normally, and make sure that your measuring tape is right under your bra line. Here are the body size measurements:

Underbust (CM)Body Size (IN)

STEP 2: Find your BUST SIZE

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To find your bust size, maintain the same posture and wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. That’s the bust size. You’ll need this info to compute for your cup size.

STEP 3: Get your CUP SIZE

The formula for this would be: BUST SIZE – BODY SIZE = CUP SIZE

Measurement (CM)Cup Size
11.5 -13.5B
Pull-on Bra Size ChartSize
32A, 32B, 34ASmall
32C, 34B, 36AMedium
34C, 36B, 38ALarge
36C, 38B, 40AExtra Large

STEP 4: Visit

No Avon lady in your area? No problem. When you head to, you only need to filter the options according to your cup size so you can check all available designs that you can choose from. This way, your products can be delivered straight to your doorstep and you can have less contact with other people.

Based on my experience, this method works as the products I’ve received from Avon were a perfect fit! The Louise Non-wire Bra I got is super comfortable for day-to-day use since I’m working from home anyway. The Eleanor Bra Underwire, on the other hand, is also comfortable despite having a wire since the lace in front lets my skin breathe. With the heat that we’re experiencing now, comfort must come first! The design is also really classy since they’re both lacy. Note, however, that such designs wouldn’t be recommendable if you’re wearing really tight tops, though!

I hope this guide will be able to help you as much as it helped me. After all, this is also part of #Adulting101s! I used to rely on try-ons before buying in sets, but due to the “new normal” that we’re in, online shopping is the best way to go. 🙂

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4 Replies to “How to measure your cup size when shopping for a bra online”

  1. I will surely keep this guide lalo na kahit ako mismo po diko alam or madalas nakakalimutan ko size ko po sa bra😁 thank you for this tips po. I will screenshot this😁

  2. Thank you for sharing this po , very helpful tlga ito skin . Lalo na tlga alangan ako bumili ng bra online kse bka malaki or maliit sayang lang , laking tulong po nito skin 🤗❤️

  3. Done reading this blog po. Talagang very helpful po ito Lalo na sa mga bibili Ng bra through online dahil malalaman na Nila if anong size Ang bibilhin nilang bra. Less hassle pa dahil kahit di ka na pumunta Ng mall and pwede na sa online umorder. Thanks for this Avon talagang ang gaganda din ng bra sa Avon and nice quality 🥰

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