Here’s how we can turn our plastic wastes into emergency shelters from May 10-16

Whenever I think about plastics and the problems that it cause, I usually feel stuck in an endless loop of worldly concerns. While we have a choice to skip using these single-use plastics, the affordability of such products — from disposable cups and utensils, to the wrappers and sachets that are readily available in sari-sari stores — are hard to completely let go of if one’s budget can only fit such things. Some even cling on to plastic products because of their convenience.

But before we use another item made of plastic solely due to “convenience”, here’s something to consider: Did you know that a single plastic bottle could take up to 450 years to fully decompose? During those 450 years, if improperly disposed of or left unrecycled, these plastics can end up in drainage systems causing flash floods, harming marine life, and leaking toxic pollutants from landfills into our food and water systems. Something that’s used once just because we’re too lazy to bring something more sustainable, can stay in and damage the earth for more than a hundred years after! Doesn’t sound so convenient now, does it? 

Imagining a plastic-free lifestyle can be overwhelming and daunting. However, while sustainable living isn’t always the easiest choice, there is always hope and even the smallest steps to begin this journey can make an amazing difference. Attempts to reduce plastic consumption and recycle plastic waste no matter how small goes a long way in safeguarding of our shared Mother Earth, especially if done hand-in-hand with big brands that also contribute to the cycle.

Which brings us to the whole point of this article: Starting this May 10, beauty brand Garnier, retail chain Watsons, and The Plastic Flamingo will be launching their first-ever Plastic Collection Program in hopes of helping Filipinos take that first meaningful step towards becoming more responsible citizens and shoppers. While big brands are trying to make a change on their own, I still believe that supporting them and recycling things on our own can make a huge difference rather than totally #cancelling them on social media.

The only thing we need to do is to collect our plastic waste and deposit them in respective plastic collection drop boxes. In turn, our donations will be collected, turned into eco-planks, and used to build emergency shelters for those who need it most. As a reward for supporting the initiative, we will be entitled to receive exclusive voucher rewards which can be used to buy more sustainable products.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow in preparation for the plastic turnover:


The first step to responsible recycling is to clean your plastics before donating them. They must be free of any contents, completely dry, and neatly filled into a durable plastic bag. Not sure what type of plastics are accepted? Click here


From May 10-16, 2021, head on over to Watsons Jupiter Makati to hand over your plastic waste to the designated Garnier Girl. For every filled plastic bag, you get a 15% off voucher than can be used on all Garnier products at Watsons. Make sure to follow safety protocols and maintain social distancing during your visit, though!


All plastic waste collected will be turned over to The Plastic Flamingo. Plastic waste today, eco-planks for emergency shelters tomorrow! 


Rally your families and friends to join in on this sustainable cause. If big companies see how a lot of Filipinos are willing to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, then we may be able to successfully encourage them to make a switch as well.

For more details about their sustainability efforts in partnership with Edukasyon PH, you can visit

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  1. Wow napaka gandang program po nito lalo na ngayong para maiwasan ang mga baha virus at kung ano ano pa . Para ma recycle ng maayos , napaka dali lang ng mga steps na gagawin , mkakatulong pa tayo sa kalinisan ng ating kalikasan 🤗❤️

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