How to get salon gorgeous hair at home without spending a fortune

Before the lockdown happened, I used to get a haircut, hair treatment, and hair color every month or two. Spending over a year at home made me realize how unprepared I am for moments like this when I can only rely on products that are either readily available at home or can be shipped straight to our doorstep. I’ve seen more split ends, dry strands, excessive hair breakage, dull and frizzy hair as it grew longer, which also made it unmanageable on a different level. If you’re experiencing the same thing, then here’s a list of things you may want to try, which have been quite effective for me:

1. Use a wide-tooth comb/brush

Brushes and combs with fine bristles may contribute to hair breakage, especially when you force-comb tangled hair strands. I’ve had a lot of “baby hair” before because the strands easily break when I pull down my comb. Switching to wide-toothed brushes and combs can do the trick!

2. Don’t scrub your hair with a towel when drying

A lot of us are accustomed to drying our hair by rubbing it with a towel after every bath but towel-drying this way can lead to frizziness according to my hair stylist. To avoid this, you have an option to air dry or use tools that do not require too much heat for styling.

3. Check the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner

Before checking out a product online or in store, check the ingredients first. There are ingredients like Benzene which may cause skin irritation. Make sure to check the expiration date as well since shampoo and conditioners expire, too!

4. Style your hair in a natural way as much as possible

To avoid split ends and further breakage, try to style your hair without using excessive heat and harmful hair styling irons. If you want wavy hair, you have an option to twist your hair in a bun for a few hours and let it loose in a wavy ponytail. You can also accessorize using a headband or use a scrunchie with your tousled hair. Perfect with any #OOTD!

5. Go for Kera10 instead of keratin

TRESemmé’s answer to our hair woes? The new TRESemmé Keratin Smooth with revolutionary KERA10 protein complex, Unilever’s superior patented technology that works into each hair strand inside out transforming dry and frizzy hair into salon-quality smooth hair. The product is formulated with the help of salon experts to provide hair with 10 salon benefits, namely:

  1. Softens hair
  2. Shines
  3. Smoothens
  4. Manages frizz
  5. Detangles
  6. Strengthens
  7. Protects hair from humidity
  8. Tames flyaways
  9. Protects hair from heat
  10. Gives hair long-lasting fragrance

KERA10 protein complex doesn’t just stop working on the hair surface, it is also designed to penetrate 10 layers deep leading to the core of the hair. It also reinforces each protein bonds, thereby deeply repairing weeks of accumulated damage caused by UV, heat, and chemical treatment. On top of repairing damaged hair, each hair strand is also protected from future damage with regular use. The NEW TRESemmé Keratin Smooth is now available at the official Unilever Beauty Stores in Lazada and Shopee.

Even at home, it can be easy to take care of our hair a la salon expert if we are mindful of what we use on our hair and how we style it. Let’s continue to #slay even in our online meetings!

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4 Replies to “How to get salon gorgeous hair at home without spending a fortune”

  1. This tips are very informative and helpful. We can now maintain our hair to look more beautiful and make it more healthy. I’ve been struggling on how to take care of my hair because hair salon are all closed because of pandemic. That’s why I find the content of this blog very informative. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Wow must try tong tresseme ang ganda nya sa hair . Tama po ngayong pandemic ang hrap na pag lalabas pa , sa tresseme kahit nsa bahay lang okay na okay . Ang ganda at ang dami niyang benefits sa hair natin 🤗❤️

  3. Thankyou for sharing po.. Napaka informative and helpful po nitong tips nyo.. Must try din po itong tresseme . Talagang gaganda ang hair natin dito lalo nat madami syang benefits.. Yun pa naman ang pinaka importante sa atin ang maalagaan natin ang buhok natin..

  4. Actually po same problem ko yan. Dahil ang tagal ko ng di nakakapunta sa salon feeling ko di na ganun kaganda yung hair ko. I’m glad for these tips that you have listed super helpful and informative. Naku guilty po ko sa scrubbing hair with towel, I’m glad I was enlightened by your post.
    I like to try this TRESemmé Keratin Smooth, KERA10 protein complex. Ang dami at ganda ng benefits. Baka ito na ang sagot sa hair problem ko. It’s convenient na available din sya sa Lazada at shopee, less hassle ang purchase.

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