SULIT FINDS: XTREME Air Fryer now available for only Php 2,995

After the Dalgona Coffee craze, the Sushi Bake madness, and Plantito/a addiction in 2020, people suddenly shifted their gaze to Air Fryers and everything you can air-fry by 2021. In case you’re late to the party and your pans at home aren’t enough to keep your taste buds satisfied, here’s a sulit find from XTREME Appliances that can make your Air Fryer dreams come true without spending a fortune: The 3.5L XTREME Home Air Fryer!

But first, what exactly is an Air Fryer? This kitchen appliance is a sleek item that helps cook frozen and fresh food in a “healthier” way – mimicking the results of deep-fried food without using oil. Instead, an air fryer uses hot air to cook the food at a user’s preferred temperature and time.

The main spotlight of this cooking appliance is its features: Air-fry, roast, bake, broil, and de-hydrate. It carries a digital touchscreen display, a functional timer that lasts up to 1hr and 30 minutes with an automatic shut-off and temperature up to 200 Degrees Celsius. It also has a large capacity of 3.5L barrel that can provide enough food for the entire family and friends; you can even roast a whole chicken in it!

Cleaning will never be a problem, too. You can skip worrying about the hard-to-remove burned food thanks to its non-stick coating barrel. This device also promises to cook food faster, therefore, saving more energy and time; as well as space because of its compact design- compared to a regular deep frying machine or convection ovens. The 3.5L XTREME Home Air Fryer works by distributing a rapid air heat system around the food, making it cook evenly and creates better crispiness and flavor unlike the traditional way of cooking.

I almost gave in a few months ago but the price, which averages around Php 4,000 made me think otherwise since we already have a turbo broiler at home. As of this writing, I can attest that XTREME’s Air Fryer is currently one of the most affordable in the market from a reputable brand at only Php 2,995. Definitely an option to consider to achieve that crispy food perfection that you’re looking for while on a tight budget.

For the full list of products and their ongoing promos, you can visit XTREME’s website, Lazada, or Shopee page.

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6 Replies to “SULIT FINDS: XTREME Air Fryer now available for only Php 2,995”

  1. Ayy wow 😍 ang mura nlng po . Ang ganda din kse tlga nitong air fryer tlgang hndi oily ang food easy to use pa . Tlagang highly recommended pa 😍❤️

  2. wow ang mura na pla nya grabe sana magkaroon dn po kami ng air fryer 😍 iba dn po kapag tatak xtreme e subok na matibay tlaga, ganyan dn po kc ung nabili ng tita q po, bibili dn po aq nyan para kay mama po, kapag may sapat na pera na po aq 😍

  3. Wow very affordable tong 3.5L XTREME Home Air Fryer! same po tayo, may turbo broiler kasi din kami kaya di ako masyadong gigil bumili nito. But this brand is a good choice once I want to buy na. Anyway, I love that you gave a little intro about the air fryer and how it works.

  4. Dream ko talaga magkaroon nito.Highly recommended para iwas mamantika.Nakakatuwa na sa 3.5L 2995 na lang ang xtreme air fryer sobrang laki ng discount and very affordable na lang siya panalo pa sa quality.

  5. Air fryers are a trendy kitchen appliance that cooks and crisps a variety of foods with little or no oil — and hence without the extra calories and fat normally associated with fried foods.

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