LIST: Sharp Philippines’ solutions to make staying at home more entertaining this 2021

Working from home, lounging from home, everything we do since 2020 has been from the comfort of our homes. For some, this has already been a dragging routine since not all homes are fully equipped with entertainment essentials that are good for more than a year of being in quarantine from the outside world. To address the needs of their consumers’ ever-evolving lifestyle, Sharp Philippines recently introduced new television and audio products with the goal of bringing convenience and entertainment in every household.

If you’re one of those who have been working on home improvements for the past few months, here are new TV and audio products to consider:

45” 2K Android TV (2T-C45CG1X) & 50” 2K Android TV (2T-C50CG1X)

These Android TVs have Sharp’s exclusive AQUOS technology that ensure the best viewing quality experience for every user. One of its best features is its ability to control your TV – from screening Netflix shows to accessing Google Play. Of course, you can also download and install apps like VODs, games, and news. It comes with a built-in Google Assistant, allowing users to control it using voice commands.

50” 4K Android TV (4T-C50CK1X), 60” 4K Android TV (4T-C60CK1X), 60” 4K Android TV (4T-C60CK2X)

Just like the 2K Android TVs mentioned, 4T-C50CK1X, 4T-C60CK1X, and 4T-C60CK2X boast the Google Assistant feature that lets users play their favorite shows, songs, and movies, as well as discover new ones. Users can also turn up the volume, pause, and turn off the TV – just with the use of voice command. These models are equipped with Sharp’s proprietary X4 Master Engine that delivers an Ultra HD cinematic viewing experience.

4T-C50CK1X, 4T-C60CK1X, and 4T-C60CK2X have a built-in 5G receiver for a better and stable connection while watching, gaming, or downloading apps.

Bluetooth Portable Bike Speaker – GX-BP1(BK)

GX-BP1(BK) is a good rechargeable Bluetooth speaker to consider for bikers, giving excellent music streaming while on the road. It has settings to keep users aware of their surroundings, though! Safety first! It’s also water and mud-proof which makes it a great companion during biking adventures.

Bluetooth Party Speaker

Filipinos love to party, however, due to the pandemic, we are left with no choice but to stay at home and party on our own (or online). Sharp’s portable Bluetooth Party Speaker (PS-930) comes to the rescue with its quality sound, flashing LED light on the speaker, and a strobe light at the front and bottom. Users can also choose among the five preset EQs: Flat, jazz, classic, pop, and rock. Audio streaming can be done wirelessly through the party speaker or via the two (2) USB input for music playback. It comes with two-microphone inputs if you want to hit some high notes, too!

The party speaker sounds super neat, I’m actually considering to get one this year, too. I need those strobe lights in my room!

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