How and where to get BANDAI IchibanKUJI Masterlise Japan-exclusive figures

For My Hero Academia collectors out there like myself, getting specific figures (not counting resins) are easy peasy because of the growing number of big toy sellers who import products from all over the world to the Philippines. However, there are certain releases and amazing lines that are only exclusive to Japan like the I’m Ready Masterlise figures. It can be challenging to ship out a single item, especially if it’s from a lottery game like IchibanKUJI but here’s how I was able to do it:

The I’m Ready prize figures were officially released in September 2020 and it’s not being sold per figure in Japan. Prize figures require buyers to purchase a ticket worth $12.99 per play (around Php 650), open the ticket to see the corresponding prize inside, and it’s a matter of luck if you’ll be able to bring home the figure that you want.

This set’s main prizes are Hawks, Bakugo, Shoto, Deku, and a special metallic Deku figure. Consolation prizes include a tumbler and character prints from the anime. If you’re lucky enough, you can instantly win the character you want without spending a lot!

IchibanKUJI has other anime figures up for grabs on a monthly basis and the steps on how to buy are posted on the official BANDAI YouTube Channel. It’s best if you can ask a friend from Japan to buy a lottery ticket for you so you can watch the draw via video call or you can also purchase from resellers in the Philippines at a higher price. There are a lot of toy hunters in Japan, just make sure to ask for proof of purchase and do a background check to ensure that the seller is legitimate (or if they’re registered).

The Hawks IchibanKUJI Masterlise figure alone already costs Php 5000 – Php 6000 in the Philippines, considering the number of plays and how limited it is in stores in Japan. It may sound pricey already but wait ’til you check Ebay! If you ask me, asking a friend to play the lottery for you is a better option.

Unboxing more items from BANDAI and Banpresto via #CesPlays on YouTube!

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*Thumbnail photo of Shoto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya are from the Banpresto website (Funimation, license under Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha, ‘My Hero Academia’)

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