LIST: Must-try items from Japan that are worth every yen (or peso!)

While travelling physically may not seem feasible in the next year or so, that should not stop us from enjoying the products that we only get to try once in a while during our trips. Asian marts and pasabuy (wordplay on the Filipino term pasabay) services are very popular at the moment as people find more ways to suppress their wanderlust to keep safe. For those like me, who are fans of Japan – anime, culture, and everything else, here’s a list of items to try at least once in your life:

1. DyDo Blend Coffee (Kimetsu No Yaiba edition!)

Coffee to keep you awake as you binge-watch the upcoming season of Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer)? DyDo Blend Coffee’s got us covered. Each limited-edition can is now printed with our favorite anime characters!

2. Nissin Cup Noodles from Japan

It’s bigger, tastier, and has more ingredients compared with the usual Nissin cup noodles here in the Philippinas. My favorite would be their seafood cup, but the curry flavor is also a good choice!

3. Alfort Chocolates

Meiji is widely available in the Philippines so I would suggest Alfort for a change! The dark chocolate and vanilla-covered biscuits are super yummy – not too sweet and not too chocolate-y, but it will definitely be enough for anyone’s sweet tooth.

4. Fetuccine Gummies

Why eat cola-flavored gummies and sour gummies separately when you can have them both in one pack? The Fetuccine Cola Gummies are definitely a must-try for cola fans like me. I can finish a pack within a day!

5. Instant Ramen

They’re flavorful and packed with a generous serving of ingredients. Just add a half boiled egg and maybe a nori sheet on the side, and it’s already good enough to stand in as homemade ramen (at least for now).

6. Instant Miso Soup

Miso soup is a must-have for me in every Japanese restaurant we visit. For now, miso paste in small packets will do! Just squeeze out the contents of one pack into 160mL of hot water and you’ll have instant miso soup on the side. This was a gift from a dear friend in Japan (Arigatou, Aimi)!

7. Strong Zero or any alcoholic drink from Suntory

This is a popular alcoholic beverage being sold in convenience stores! Chūhai, a highball cocktail made with “Shōchū” – a Japanese liquor distilled from rice, barley, potatoes, or buckwheat, is a fizzy drink with 9% ABV. Must-try during cold nights!

8. Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Leg Patches (LION)

A gem that I discovered during my latest trip to Japan! These cooling leg patches can soothe aching leg muscles after a tiring day. My legs and feet tend to hurt really bad after a long day of walking or after hours of wearing heels but putting these leg patches overnight is enough to take the pain away.

9. Gashapon or capsule toys and lottery toys

A cute remembrance! Gashapons usually contain keychains or small figures that you can display on your table. If these toy vending machines are not your type, you can also go big with lottery toys where you can get scale figures as a prize.

10. Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (or any of their makeup products)

Although this can also be bought in select department stores in the Philippines, it’s way cheaper in Japan! Their Smooth Liquid Eyeliner comes in a dark brown shade with a super fine felt tip. It looks natural even if you put on a cat eye. Recommendation from Nicole of Nicoco’s Pasabuys!

Most of the products mentioned above are already available at Unnie-chan Asian Mart in Quezon City. They have a Facebook page that can take your orders for same-day delivery via Grab, Mr. Speedy, or LalaMove or you can also visit their Shopee page for shipping.

For non-food items, you can get in touch with Nicoco’s Pasabuys on Facebook so they can hunt the item for you and have them shipped straight from Japan! They offer designer items at an affordable price, too.

What’s your favorite Japanese product? Let us know by commenting below so we can try it, too! For updates on our latest discoveries within (and outside) the Metro, don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial on FacebookYouTube, or Instagram. Keep safe!

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