Behind the Netflix Scenes: Meet 5 of the monsters from ‘Sweet Home’

In an industry oversaturated with ordinary zombie flicks and demonic possession stories, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a new take on flesh-eating monsters of different types! The last time I got intrigued to see a variety of “horrors” on one screen is when Thirteen Ghosts became a hit. Now, Netflix brings us a new thrilling series worth binge-watching this December.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, the characters of Sweet Home experience a sudden “monsterization” of humans who are consumed by their desires – not pandemic-like a la zombie movies. In addition to the interesting story and talented cast, the variety of chilling monsters is also attracting much attention and interest – including mine!

We saw this behind-the-scenes clip from our friends from Netflix, explaining how various monsters were created for our home screens. Renowned choreographers and VFX specialists combined their effects in bringing these scary monsters to life:

Meet five of the many monsters that caught our attention in this new series:

1. Blind Monster

My current favorite! This monster is also known as the Lotus Root Monster, a bat-like creature with super good sense of hearing because part of his head (eyes included) was cut-off. The monster is blind and continues to say “I can’t see”, which I find amusing. It relies on its hearing to find potential victims.

2. Tentacles Monster

I would’ve named this fella the “Spider Monster”, though. It’s any arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, to be honest. Fast, deadly, and eats humans! This monster is able to move dexterously in vents and on walls as it chases its prey.

3. Protein Monster

If a body-conscious gym buff became a monster, s/he would probably turn into this one. Having a very muscular frame, this monster is quite strong and able to do serious damage.

Fun fact: This giant, muscular monster used to be a human who desired more muscles…. screaming “protein” at everything s/he can eat!

4. Tongue Monster

Personally, this is the creepiest on my list. This monster has an extremely long tongue with ends like that of a demogorgon‘s head (from Stranger Things) that is retractable. Using its tongue, the monster grabs its victims and sucks out their insides.

5. Eyeball Monster

If Suezo from Monster Rancher became a real-life monster, he’d probably look like this. However, this monster has several eyes and can stretch its long neck – which can then be used to constrict its poor victims.

There are more monsters waiting for you at Sweet Home, starring Song Kang and directed by Lee Eung-bok, on Netflix! Home’s not as sweet as it sounds like, though. Enjoy the visuals!


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3 Replies to “Behind the Netflix Scenes: Meet 5 of the monsters from ‘Sweet Home’”

  1. wow i love the behind the scenes that you included. i love watching how they transformed this prosthetic to an almost real monsters. i heard a lot of good reviews about this, di ko pa nga lang napapanood kasi marami pa kong pending. unique po nung transfomations nila, depende sa desires nila. pinakacreepy for me yung blind monster nakakatakot tingnan hahah

  2. Napakaganda nman ng palabas nato.Napaka interesting ng story,ito yung mga palabas na gustong gusto ko mala suspense na may pagka horror..Nakaka excite panoorin to.

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