Café Nenzo: Best Cheesy Baked Salmon and full-course party trays for Christmas, New Year, and other celebrations

We’re only a few weeks away from Christmas and a brand-new year! With everyone still encouraged to stay indoors, it can be hard to prepare a grand indoor feast for the family – especially if you’re part of a big one. No need to worry, though, as more restaurants are now open for advanced orders in preparation for the holiday rush. Take Café Nenzo as an example. This restaurant in Bulacan is our go-to place for cakes and healthy dishes and now, they’re offering party trays for delivery as well!

With a recent joint birthday celebration at home, we were able to try their party trays that are good for 10-15 people – which is a reasonable size since we live in a compound with at least 3 families. Such servings are fit for big families or for those who do not want to be busy on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They also have servings good for 2-3 persons in case you need smaller servings, too.

The food were delivered a few hours before dinner, still fresh and hot – you won’t even realize that the food traveled from Bulacan to Manila. Our menu that day consisted of generous servings of Grilled Pork Belly Barbecue, Roasted Chicken in Lemongrass Gravy, Three Mushroom and Truffle Carbonara, Festive Chopseuy, and my favorite Cheesy Baked Salmon served with sautéed Beans and Carrots. For dessert, we had Café Nenzo’s specialty Kahlua Tiramisu ala Nenzo and Mango Supremo Cake. All these fit an Php 8,000 budget but that’s already more than enough, considering that each tray is good for 10-15 persons. The total would be lower if ordered in smaller portions.

Regarding the taste, Café Nenzo’s dishes remind us of Conti’s and Manam’s menu, except the price is way more affordable (the latter restaurants’ cost double) and the servings are all good for sharing. Not only that, Café Nenzo specializes in using healthy alternatives when cooking food. They also have vegetarian meals and party trays that are recommendable for those on a diet or with food restrictions.

I highly recommend their Cheesy Baked Salmon with sautéed Beans and Carrots – this will always be on the top of my list! Their pink salmon tastes fresh, juicy, and premium. The cheese on top is the melt-in-your-mouth type of cheese that you won’t be able to get enough of.

For dessert, their tall Mango Supremo Cake and Kahlua Tiramisu can fit any occasion – from birthdays to holiday celebrations. Their cakes aren’t too sweet and the fruits on top do not taste sour or artificial. These types of desserts are the ones that won’t feel too heavy on the stomach after a feast. It also tastes just as good as the first day even after spending a few days inside the refrigerator – this must be said since we all know how we, Filipinos, tend to refrigerate a lot of our Christmas or New Year leftovers for a week!

Aside from being an instant party tray for home celebrations, these will also make a good gift for friends and family who are celebrating the holidays in a different place. Cafe Nenzo’s party trays come with a nice ribbon and greeting card for our loved ones.


In photos (10-15 pax servings):

  • Grilled Pork Belly Barbecue – Php 1,200
  • Roasted Chicken in Lemongrass Gravy – Php 950
  • Cheesy Baked Salmon served with sautéed Beans and Carrots – Php 1,300
  • Three Mushroom and Truffle Carbonara – Php 1, 200
  • Festive Chopseuy – Php 1,000
  • Kahlua Tiramisu ala Nenzo – Php 1,200 (8×8 aluminum tray)
  • Mango Supremo Cake – Php 1,400


To order party trays for your upcoming celebrations, you need to send your list via Facebook or mobile at least 3 days ahead of your preferred delivery date. You’ll have to wait for their confirmation as well. For cakes, they need at least 2-5 days (depending on the volume of their orders) as each is made fresh prior delivery.

Cafe Nenzo’s facade at Esperanza Mall in Bulacan. (Photo taken before quarantine period)

Café Nenzo is located in Bulacan but they are open for deliveries to anywhere within Metro Manila. For pick-ups, you can also visit their restaurant at G/F Esperanza Mall, Mc Arthur Highway, Meycauayan, Bulacan, open from 11 AM – 7 PM.

For more details, you can visit their Facebook page or contact them via mobile at 09062332233.

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6 Replies to “Café Nenzo: Best Cheesy Baked Salmon and full-course party trays for Christmas, New Year, and other celebrations”

  1. Wow ang galing ang dami . Super affordable price na kse plating plang ang ganda na . At mukang msasarap na tlga . Hindi kana magluluto ngayon darting na pasko pwede nlng umorder 😍❤️

  2. Wow😍..Ang ganda naman ng service nila.Perfect talaga sa kahit anong okasyon.Lalo na this holiday season.Dami pang Masasarap na pagkain at may vegetarian dish pa.And very affordable lang din Ang price.. Highly recommended.

  3. Wow! Nakakatuwa naman na mini- make sure talaga nilang fresh at mainit pa yung foods pag deniliver na sa customers nila. Perfect na perfect nga ito for holiday, sulit yung presyo niya and masasarap pa ang foods.

  4. Wow saya naman nito ms ces 😊 sarap ng food nila tapos reasonable yung price 😃 perfect handa di lang for this holiday season kundi kahit anong occasion 😊 I love this 😃 complete na pati dessert. It will help you safe time preparing and will give you more time to enjoy and celebrate 😊

  5. Yay!! Eto talaga ang the best na pwede ipang handa this Holiday season 😊
    Ang sasarap ng foods nila , talagang di ka magsisisi. ❤️
    Perfect pang handa this Noche buena or Media Noche ❤️
    Gusto ko itry ang Carbonara at Roasted chicken 🐓🍗

    Actually lahat pala 😋😅

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