Salmon HQ: Best place for high quality Salmon Cakes, Sushi Bakes in Metro Manila

When people hear the word “salmon”, some tend to immediately say no due to fear of its lansa factor or foul smell and taste. It’s also hard to find fresh salmon that isn’t either overfreezed or dried out nowadays as the best ones usually cost a fortune! We don’t need to look elsewhere, though. Manila Millennial was able to find the best one in the Metro (as of this writing) in Quezon City and they can deliver to anywhere in Manila, too!

Check out Salmon HQ – a place where you can find the freshest, tastiest, and overloaded servings of salmon cakes and sushi bakes like no other.


Believe it or not, it only took two bites of Salmon HQ’s Salmon Cake for us to convert a non-salmon eater into a salmon fan. Unlike ordinary salmon rolls in a bilao (winnowing basket) advertised as a “cake”, Salmon HQ’s servings really do come in a cake-like presentation with at least two layers of fresh salmon sashimi and some surprise sushi rice ingredients inside. It’s more than what meets the eye and it will make you want to eat as much as you can even though it’s preferably shared between 2-3 people.

Salmon HQ’s salmon does not taste fishy at all and the chefs certainly went all out in the ingredients (no traces of scrimping here). It has that subtle sweet-and-juicy taste that is hard to explain, you’ll have to try them out for yourself! These are also packed with Omega-3 fats, which are beneficial to our heart and brain development.

Each order comes with a generous serving of wasabi with leaf designs and soy sauce. Both deliver premium flavors that complement the taste of their fresh salmon strips.

Price: Each 6-inch Premium Salmon Cake costs Php 1,200, but these also come in different sizes and presentations with varying prices. They also offer Premium Salmon Platter, Royal Salmon & Tuna Cake, and Chuka Wakame.


With just two platters of Sushi Bake flavors, we were already able to enjoy 4 different flavors – Crunchy California Sushi Bake, Unagi Madness, Tako Yummy Bake, and Uni & Scallop Aburi.

Crunchy California Sushi Bake tastes like the original recipe of Sushi Bakes that took social media by storm over the first few months of quarantine season. It already has mangoes, crabsticks, and a spicy flavor mixed in each spoonful so we won’t need to put a lot of toppings anymore.

The Unagi Madness flavor, on the other hand, is our personal favorite. I’ve never tasted unagi this flavorful outside a hotel restaurant. It has a premium taste to it and it also has generous toppings of fish roe.

For Takoyaki lovers, the Tako Yummy Bake is a must-try! You’ll be able to see heaps of ingredients on top, just like original Takoyaki servings that you can see in Japan, except this one comes with rice and sushi-like presentation.

Last but certainly not the least, the Uni & Scallop Aburi is also a showstopper for seafood lovers. If you need party trays for the holiday season, these flavorful servings will definitely be a good option.

Price: Php 800.00 for Small, Php 1,600.00 for Medium, and Php 1,800 for Large. Price may vary depending on the flavor of your choice. Each order of Sushi Bake from Salmon HQ comes with nori sheets, too. You can get an xtra nori for Php 50 if you want more, though.


To place an order, simply send a message to Salmon HQ’s Instagram or Facebook page. You may also contact them via mobile at 09228943679. For more details about their menu and other offerings, just visit any of the social media pages linked above.

It’s definitely a must-try — may there be an occasion or simply just to satisfy your salmon and Sushi Bake cravings! We do recommend the Salmon Cake for your next birthday celebration, though. 😉

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4 Replies to “Salmon HQ: Best place for high quality Salmon Cakes, Sushi Bakes in Metro Manila”

  1. Sarap nyan Ms. Ces. Favorite na favorite ko ang Salmon .I can’t stop myself from eating this yummy Salmon. So delicious 😋
    Perfect din ito ipang handa this Holiday season.🥰

  2. Wow..Ang sarap ng salmon nila daming pagpipilian din..Buti nlang meron din silang delivery sa buong metro manila.And very affordable lang din..I will tell my friends at kakilala na dito na sila mag order.

  3. Mapapa wow nalang talaga ako sa sarap ng mga ito, i love takoyaki and salmon 😍 I’ll tell this to my sister favorite pa naman po niya ang takoyaki at sushi bake. Super sulit din ng price ng mga to. 😊

  4. wow sarap naman po lahat nito, i wanna try the salmon cake. all looks very delicious and the price is worth for this luxurious experience. a must try indeed.

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