Webcam below Php 1,000: Rapoo C200 720p webcam with built-in microphone

Hear me out: Not all laptop webcams are clear even though they cost a fortune! In my case, I used to rely on plug-and-play webcams just to appear decent in online meetings ever since our work-from-home setup began and I know how frustrating it can be to hunt for affordable webcams. Although the best ones (e.g. 1080p webcams) have a higher price point, here’s a decent 720p webcam that we found that only costs Php 895 from Silicon Valley: The Rapoo C200.

It comes with a built-in omni-directional microphone and it can be clipped on top of the monitor/screen or mounted on a tripod depending on the angle that the user wants to achieve.

Although it’s not the best, it’s good enough for its price. Here are sample videos taken from the webcam for your reference:

While it cannot perform well in front of super bright lights, I’m guessing majority will be using this indoors under minimal room lighting so the oversaturation issue won’t be much of a problem. The microphone is also quite good despite my distance from the webcam so that’s a plus point for it.

The Rapoo C200 works on Windows 7,8 and 10; Mac OS 10.6, and Chrome OS.

In case you’re looking for an upgrade, there’s also a Rapoo C260 with 1080p resolution for clearer videos. I would recommend that for people who have budget to spare!

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