Meet the new face of GUESS Men’s: Italian actor Michele Morrone

The Philippines may not be experiencing fall and winter but this does not exclude us from the distribution list of brands’ Fall/Winter 2020 collections. A new brand to launch such is GUESS, which recently introduced Italian actor Michele Morrone as their new worldwide face for GUESS Men’s. The 30-year old actor and singer is best known for his lead role in the successful Netflix film 365 Days – one of the most popular movies in Netflix history that is currently streaming in over 200 countries. He’s a hottie!

Morrone gained international recognition for his performance and soundtrack in the film, proving to be a multi-faceted superstar who has gained traction on social media rapidly, with approximately 10 million followers on Instagram alone – a stunning increase from 1.7 million followers three weeks before the campaign was shot.


I had a brief meeting with Michele at my hotel in Lugano last June and we immediately had a strong connection,” says GUESS Chief Creative Officer Paul Marciano.  “Michele is an extremely hard worker, and a very ambitious and decisive man and these are all qualities I deeply appreciate.  In a matter of minutes, we knew we were going to work together and a few weeks after that very first meeting we met again in Lake Como to shoot these spectacular images.”

For Michele, meeting Marciano was like finding a new mentor and friend: “We share the same values and goals.  It’s an incredible feeling being able to have fun on set doing what I love, while having a sense of comfort that I’m now part of such an amazing family. Family and loyalty are important to me, and I want to take this brand and treat it as my own.”

Indeed, Michele exudes the elegance of GUESS in his own way and his recent photos are just so captivating! Check out some of the stills that we got from GUESS Philippines:

“This campaign marks the launch of our new GUESS men’s collection, reflecting our new focus on elevated, classic, and high-quality styles which is perfectly in-line with Michele Morrone’s personality” adds Marciano. 

These GUESS images will be featured in upcoming issues of top international fashion and lifestyle magazines and in GUESS retail stores.

You can get to know Michele better by watching this quick Q&A as well:

Can I just say how much I appreciate GUESS for never failing to recognize global stars? They know how to pick celebrities and ambassadors that truly represent the brand and not just because an individual is famous in a certain country. Continuously supporting and wearing GUESS!

And in case you’re looking for #OOTDs for the ladies, don’t worry because there will still be a lot in store for us even if their ads display Michele Morrone’s face.

P.S. If dresses and skirts are not your thing, you can also check out other designs similar to the latest addition in my wardrobe:

Fancy anything you like? Shop for your favorite GUESS logo shirts, GUESS Fashion knits, GUESS Denim jeans and jackets, and the new GUESS mens polo in-store and via GUESS Philippines’ online store starting today (November 16, 2020).

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  1. I knew it! Fromt the first look of that guy, parang i thought that i’ve him before. And tama pala kase sya talaga yung nakikita sa likod ng meme na “are you lost baby girl” 😅😅😅 abyways GUESS was right in chosing Michele as the new face of GUESS men’s because he really represents the brand from his strong image.

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