Two ways to enjoy Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky (for first-time and casual drinkers)

Being in quarantine for six long months got me missing the night life – social drinking with friends, just listening to good music, and enjoying a glass of whisky to welcome the much-awaited weekend after a whole week of non-stop work. I tried reliving these situations at home, but to be honest, I have no idea how mixes work since they’re served ready-to-drink in bars! So for everyone’s reference, especially for first-time whisky drinkers, here are two ways on how you can enjoy a heart-warming glass of Ballantine’s Finest, one of the best-selling blended Scotch whiskies in the world:


Whisky is probably one of the most sophisticated drinks in my opinion. These blends lasted the test of time since 1910! Ballantine’s alone has a sweet and smooth taste with subtle tones of milk chocolate, red apple, and vanilla – a standsout from the traditional woody, smoky, and spicy whisky flavors, so first-timers can definitely enjoy it on its own. Here’s how to do it:

1.Pour some whisky in a whisky glass, a tumbler glass, or a highball glass.

2. Swirl it around to get a closer look at the color and appreciate the “angel’s tears” (which refers to the consistency of the whisky), which is nice and light.

3. Start nosing – the act of bringing the whisky to your nose and taking a sniff of the aroma.

4. Opt to add a bit of water to open up the flavors more, but you may skip this if you want.

5. Drink up and enjoy! Slàinte Mhath (English translation: Cheers)!


Although drinking whisky itself may be a little intimidating at first, this drink is something that people are free to enjoy no matter what way they want. In this case, we can also try the classic whisky-cola mix – my favorite!

What you’ll need: Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky, slices of lemon or calamansi, a glass, and cola of your choice.

1.Fill a tall glass with ice.

2. Pour in 30-50mL of Ballantine’s Finest, which you can measure through the bottle cap, too!

3.Top up with cola – I use COCA-COLA in mine.

4. Garnish with a lime wedge – lemon or calamansi will do.

5. Drink up and enjoy! Slàinte Mhath!

These are just two of the many ways to enjoy whisky! In fact, that’s one of the things I love about Ballantine’s Finest – they have a youthful approach to the market. Ballantine’s Finest encourages drinkers to stay true to themselves—no matter what they like and how they like it, there’s just no wrong way to mix. We’ve been so accustomed to whisky brands posing as super sophisticated drinks that even millennials my age tend to shy away and leave the drink solely for older generations to enjoy. It’s a missed opportunity for people who need that warm and fuzzy feeling from their nightcap. Plus, it’s affordable, so more people can get to enjoy drinking whisky even while at home!

“Ballantine’s Finest is one of the more underrated gems out there when it comes to blended Scotch whisky, just because of its relatively balanced flavor profile and rounded finish,” said Kurt Ducusin, Ballantine’s Finest Philippines Brand Executive. “For Filipinos looking to get into whisky but don’t know where to start, Ballantine’s Finest is  a solid choice waiting for them.”

I can already imagine myself in the next few weeks drinking some Ballantine’s Finest while trying to clear my mind after a long day at work. Perfect pair during a cold night, I must say.

Ballantine’s Finest is currently available in S&R Membership Shopping stores, Puregold, Robinsons, Rustans, Metro Gaisano, Landmark, and Landers for PHP 599 SRP. It can also be ordered online via for PHP 699.

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  1. Haven’t tried drinking any kind of whisky but base on your good review on Ballentine’s whisky makes me wanna try it. I’m not really a hard drinker so I might try your way of drinking it with adding a cola 👍😊

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