SULIT DEALS: 5 SC Johnson home maintenance must-haves to add-to-cart!

With Metro Manila still being under General Community Quarantine, it’s not wrong to be extra cautious when it comes to cleanliness and orderliness at home. It’s actually the perfect time to unleash our inner neat freaks so no insect nor virus can set foot in our safe space. To help us guard the fort, here are five home maintenance that we think should be part of your next check-out list from SC Johnson’s official Shopee page:

1. FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray (280ml)

Price: Php 259

According to FamilyGuard, this disinfectant spray is proven to kill virus – including those that cause COVID-19, H1N1, Influenza A, and different types of flu. What’s nice about this multi-surface spray is that it can disinfect both the air and different types of surfaces, regardless if they’re hard or soft. Aside from disinfecting surfaces, it also eliminates odors to keep our homes smelling fresh and clean as well.

2. Glade Automatic Primary

Price: Php 399

For those who do not have time to continuously spray air freshener every few hours, the Glade Automatic Primary can do the job for you. It’s battery-powered, fully automated, and users can choose from different spray interval settings depending on the room’s need. It also comes with an extra boost button for days when we need a little bit more fragrance in the air.

3. Baygon Multi-Insect Killer (500 ml)

Price: Php 285

Of course, pesky bugs may still get inside our home no matter how much fragrance or disinfectant we use. For such concerns, Baygon Multi-Insect Killer is a sure-fire effective answer. In fact, this brand has been part of our household ever since I was born and I’ve seen how effective it is against cockroaches, flies, and even mosquitoes.

4. Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner (2L)

Price: Php 180

For kitchen sinks and washable surfaces, there’s Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner to ensure that every nook and cranny of our place is virus-free! For only Php 180, we can already wash away “99% of common household germs when used pure”. This is a recommendable formula for floors, tiles, kitchen counters, and bathroom sinks.

5. Pledge Furniture Lemon (330 ml)

Price: Php 269

To keep our furniture “aesthetically pleasing” to the eyes, Pledge Furniture can help remove dust, water spills, stains, and annoying fingerprint marks while providing a protective glossy coating. It also doesn’t leave a waxy residue, making surfaces gleam as if they’re brand new!

Aside from the discounted prices and flash deals, consumers can also look forward to free shipping deals on the platform towards November 11, 2020. I suggest that you also check out other available SC Johnson deals via the Shopee website or through their app, which can be downloaded for free via App Store or Google Play. Stocks are also quite limited so make sure to grab your faves soon (as long as you have your essentials at home already, we still need to prioritize our needs). 

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3 Replies to “SULIT DEALS: 5 SC Johnson home maintenance must-haves to add-to-cart!”

  1. I agree Ms. Ces we should prioritize these products especially the FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray since we need to ensure that our house are free from viruses. We need this in our home lalo na samin may senior citizen kaming kasama kaya todo ingat. Good to know na available sa shopee! ❤

  2. This all Was Trust and Tested narin ate Ces, Sobrang Effective Pag dating Sa Home DisInfect 👌👌👌 So affordable pa .. Thanks For sharing this kind of Blog ate Ces, I really Appreciate What Your Doing And Sobrang NkakaInspire ang Iyong pagigin Blogger and Influencer, Kaya hndi po nakakasawa na iparamdam sa Inyo ang Suporta at pagmamahal bilang isang Followers..

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