The secret behind the use of Cupuaçu, simplifying skincare with NUA

The secret to effortless and effective natural skincare is simple: It starts with breaking bad skincare habits and learning how to simplify our routines by choosing the right product. I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard those words from dermatologists and skincare experts before, but it still holds true up to this day. Instead of adding more and more products in our list, here’s a secret we’ve learned from the launch of NUA.

Cupuaçu fruit (Image from NUA Organics’ website)

NUA combines a centuries-old Brazilian beauty secret, cupuaçu, with an abundant Philippine natural resource, the versatile coconut oil. Cupuaçu (pronounced as “ku.ˌpu.a.ˈsy), is a fruit rich in vitamins, fatty and amino acids, as well as antioxidants that are harvested from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The cupuaçu fruit is a popular ingredient used in numerous South American delicacies; while the fruit’s pulp and seeds are where the skin-nourishing cupuaçu butter and oil are sourced. Because of cupuaçu’s extremely low melting point, the cupuaçu butter can easily melt into the skin. The addition of locally harvested premium-grade coconut oil into the mix allows the cupuaçu butter’s ultra-hydrating and moisture-boosting properties to get sealed in, without the heavy, greasy feel that we usually get from most skincare products.

“When we minimize the skincare products that we apply, we allow more oxygen to get into our skin and that helps our skin regenerate elastin and collagen,” shares renowned dermatologist Dr. Sarah Barba-Cabodil. “Essentially, we want our skin to do its job on its own every now and then. In other words, we need to give our skin time to reset.”

True to its name, NUA – which means “naked” or “fresh”, takes pride in its organic and all-natural products which are free of chemicals, toxins, and preservatives. They’re currently offering their cupuaçu soap and body oil here in the Philippines and we were able to get first dibs so keep on reading to know our thoughts about it.


There are only two steps in the NUA skincare routine:

1. Start by lathering the NUA soap and wash your skin using it. You may use a soap net to make it lather more.

2. After rinsing, pat skin dry.

3. Apply a thin layer of NUA body oil all over.

It’s pretty simple but as someone who has sensitive yet dry skin, I really appreciate moisturizing products. I’ve only used NUA for a few days but I haven’t seen any bad reactions on my skin. The soap smells like chocolate, I couldn’t resist but smell my skin after bath! The body oil, on the other hand, gets absorbed by the skin and dries up faster than I expected. I don’t like body oils because of the icky feeling it leaves but NUA does not leave any trace (well, aside from soft and supple skin) – no joke! Moisturizing without leaving a greasy feel, just how I like it!


Both the NUA soap (Php 249 SRP) and body oil (Php 799) are now available in all S&R and Southstar Drug branches nationwide. It can also be bought online via BeautyMNL or through NUA Organics’ website and social media pages. For more details, you can visit, too.

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