5 Weekend activities that you can level up with Huawei Sound X’s immersive audio

Being in isolation for 6 straight months is not an easy feat. Staying in the same place 24/7 can lead to boredom if we just stick to our usual routine so we might as well make those activities more enjoyable! Having more time in our hands as we’re all required to work and study from home paved way for most of us to have enough time to upgrade our furniture and gadgets at home and make our environment less stressful. Among those additional home essentials that I’ve personally tried is the Huawei Sound X – a Hi-Fi speaker jointly engineered with premium audio brand Devialet. We’ve been using built-in speakers of our laptops, phones, and other Bluetooth devices for over a year so this is a refreshing experience that we believe you’d also enjoy trying.

For those who want to try a better audio experience, here are a few activities that we were able enjoy on weekends and on our free time:

1. Movie marathon with the family

May you be watching via laptop or streaming through your smart screens, the Huawei Sound X can enhance audio quality through its robust set of acoustics technology which includes the Speaker Active Matching (SAM) system and its Push-Push symmetrical bass design. When used in a small room, it almost feels like watching a movie in a theater, thanks to its loud volume levels that you can adjust to your liking. Add some popcorn and soda, and you’re ready to spend the weekend lounging comfortably at home.

2. Online party, catch-up, and meetings

Photo from a recent online event that I attended with celebrity Heart Evangelista! 🙂

E-numans (or online inumans) have been a thing since the quarantine period started. Those who are privileged enough to still have stocks of booze at home continue to spend weekends catching up with friends over good music and a couple of drinks while maintaining social distancing since it’s over video calls! Using the Huawei Sound X for catch-up sessions with friends can make the experience feel more natural during your Zoom meetings – may it be a formal or a casual online meeting. The sounds are crisp and clear, you can even hear the background noises clearly.

3. Online streaming with your friends

For those who are spending the quarantine period alone, no need to worry! The Huawei Sound X can also keep you company as you stream your favorite shows and movies with your friends through streaming apps and websites. Great audio quality can be expected even as you use sites and apps like Netflix Party, Metastream, and other Watch Party services. One less lonely day!

4. Virtual concert at home

If you miss the concert scene, just like me, the Sound X’s 60W booming bass can answer our longing while remaining compact and portable for every day. Bringing the concert to the living room, bedroom, or even kitchen is easy and connecting our device via Bluetooth or Huawei Share can be done in just a tap. This way, we can blast our favorite concert songs as we dance and sing along to our favorite bands at home. It’s a different experience vs just using our mobile phone and laptop!

5. Playing games via mobile or laptop

Using speakers can provide a more immersive gaming experience even through the small screens of our mobile phones. With lossless audio transmission, we can also ensure that what the speaker receives happens real-time in-game. It can give you more adrenaline rush, to be honest. Hearing booming sounds or footsteps through the Huawei Sound X keeps me on my toes vs just listening to the sounds via mobile speakers.

This Hi-Fi speaker is already available in Huawei stores nationwide for Php 19,990. For more details about the device, you may visit this link or watch our unboxing video with specs rundown in our previous feature:

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