Cream Silk Organic Powerfusion: Most fragrant conditioner I’ve ever tried!

Instead of wearing real flower crowns to look fresh, here’s a recommendable product that delivers the same vibe: Cream Silk Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner.

When Cream Silk unveiled this newest line, which is a product of combining their moisturizing technology with organic balms and luxurious natural oils, I initially thought that the ingredients and moisturizing effect on all hair types would be its selling points. However, upon trying it for myself, I was left in awe by how long the fragrance lasted in my hair. It was good enough to keep my hair smell fresh and clean until my next bath!

My go-to variant out of the two – Cream Silk Rich Moisture Ultra Conditioner, since my hair needs a break from all the harsh hair dyes that I’ve been using for the past few years. Letting my locks rest during quarantine period for a change.

Cream Silk wasn’t kidding when they said that it can help our hair “bloom with life”. The two new products – Rich Moisture Ultra Conditioner and Rich Lustre Ultra Conditioner, are Infused with Cream Silk’s advanced technology, fortified with natural ingredients, and tested on Filipina hair so no need to worry about its compatibility with straight, wavy, or curly hair. Both variants are made with balms which are known to moisturize dry surfaces, and oils which are known to add shine and lustre. These also lock in hydration and smoothen hair from the root, protecting it from external elements and further damage.

Here’s a look at their new TVC with Heart Evangelista so you’ll have a better idea:

It’s hard to explain how the products smell like on my hair, but it does remind me of fresh flowers and not the artificial scent that I usually get from floral-scented products. Using it made me feel like I’m walking with an actual flower crown that anyone next to me can smell from a certain distance. Seems helpful especially for busy days since it doesn’t lose its scent and moisturizing effect on hair even after sweating (proven after my workout).


Aside from sunflower seed oil which naturally penetrates and nourishes hair at the root, each variant contains special organic ingredients:

Rich Moisture Ultra Conditioner – Shea balm, rose oil, and hibiscus and honeysuckle extracts to smoothen dry and coarse hair, and strengthen it as it grows.
Rich Lustre Ultra Conditioner – Almond nut balm, cinnamon leaf oils, and bamboo and aloe extracts, to add shine and smoothness to fortified hair.

After a week of using it, I can attest that Cream Silk wasn’t kidding when they said that Filipinas loved it. Plus, the price is also very reasonable at only Php 150.50 SRP for each 150mL bottle. Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioners are now available in supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, and e-commerce channels nationwide.

So that’s smooth and moisturized hair with fragrance that lasts for hours! Not even overacting, I’m just too amazed at its effects and I was lucky enough to get first dibs prior its launch. Hope this writeup helped you decide whether or not to try it. 😉

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