5 Practical tips to prepare millennial parents for their kids’ ‘new normal’ schooling

Most parents are now worried more than ever. Aside from thinking of ways on how to keep their family tight and safe during the pandemic, mom and dads are probably stressing on the many changes in the ‘new normal’, including their work set-up, new socialization activities with friends and family, and most importantly, their kids’ online schooling. In this feature, Huawei shares five practical tips to help parents prepare for their kids this academic year. 

1. Getting ahead and setting expectations

Since parents are expected to work closely with children this year to provide learning guidance, it is important for them to be ahead in knowing what kind of program the school will be implementing. Be involved in orientations and ask important questions so you can easily answer your child when he or she asks for your support.

Before the start of the school year, have an honest and open communication with your child regarding this new study set-up. Set goals and practice good learning routines so they can adapt easily and enjoy this new journey.

2. Do a tech check on your kids’ online learning needs

Most of the schools will have their own list of homeschooling requirements for their students, including traditional art and school supplies, modules, books, a specified bandwidth for Internet connection, and a decent laptop.

For remote learning, a decent laptop means having to blend well with a good connection and can handle day-to-day tasks of your children. HUAWEI MateBook D Series is known for that. On top of it being lightweight and ultra slim-profiled, it also has powerful computing hardware so you won’t have to worry about your child’s lag complaints. Huawei MateBook D14 and D15 have a feature that will protect your children from harmful radiation. These laptops win the competition of having the best screen display in the market while taking care of users eyes through TUV Rheinland eye-protection features.

These laptops also have Huawei Share, an advanced file-sharing and multitasking features to get their schoolwork done faster. Huawei Share lets users transfer files from Huawei phone to MateBook and vice versa, in just one hop. Click this link to learn more about this cool feature.

MateBook D Series comes with a free router. This will power your child to get more things done because of fast internet connectivity. When you purchase any of these laptops, you will get a backpack that is also convenient for them if they want to move to new workspace with their tools and school supplies.

MateBook VersionSRPBack-To-School PromoWhere To Get Promo
MateBook D15Php 37,990Free Huawei B311 Router and backpack (worth Php 3,780) for every purchaselink
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3. Make sure they are comfortable with their space

Studying at home can also mean more ways for children to get distracted. They may get too comfortable thinking their toys and their own bed are within reach. This is why it is important to have a designated workspace where they can be productive or simply relax with a spacious study table and a comfortable chair.

You also have to make sure that this designated space is free from external noise. Apart from placing their study table in a quiet area, it will also help if your child uses a wireless earphone like the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i. These can help your children focus more on their lessons and assignments because of its Active Noise Cancellation technology for unparalleled audio immersion, smart touch-based controls and fast pairing convenience. HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i is very afforadble at PHP 5990 and comes with a cool nova designed case and a beautiful steel bottle that will entice them to drink more water. With this, there will be no need for them to get up and get water during their online classes.

4. Don’t get stuck on virtual life

Spending more hours in front of a computer can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Parents should take charge and monitor their kids’ online activities and encourage them take time off the screen. This can mean more play time, art activities, or doing exercise together.

To accompany you and your child in these activities, you may try the new HUAWEI Watch GT2.

Featuring 100 + exercise and workout modes (indoor & outdoor), with heart rate, oxygen, and stress monitoring features, built-in music player, and calorie tracker, the Watch GT 2e ensures that every workout session is down to science. It is also encased in a sleek yet durable steel frame that you can wear even up to 50-deep underwater. Battery lasts for 2 weeks so students could play more and study on without having the need to charge their smartwatch from time to time. They can even pair this to their android phones.

5. It is okay to ask to for help 

You won’t always know how to help your kid and it’s okay. If you are not too techy or really having a hard time balancing your work and supporting your child’s online schooling, think about who could help fill in the gaps. Lok to family, friends, teachers, and others for help

Communicate with the school about how things are going, leading with positives first. Everyone’s doing their best, and it’s important for teachers to know what’s working and not working for your kid so they can get the help they need.

Embarking to new normal may not be easy for all, especially for parents trying to solve the pre- distance learning hurdles for their kids. Just remember that we have the power to come out stronger from this experience, as we learn to adapt our lives and face these shared challenges.

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