The 2020 Back-to-School Checklist: Online Learning Edition

As I grew up, I’ve been constantly reminded to “never stop learning”, but in the case of students today, how can we continue to do so if life has been on a standstill since the beginning of the pandemic? With the official opening of classes continuously being moved and the possibility of it being pushed back until we find a real vaccine, the answer lies within the online world. But of course, homes must be conducive enough for learning and gadgets must be up-to-date for us to continue this “new normal” way of schooling. In case you need an idea about where to start, here’s a checklist of things that you may use as a guide for home-based learning:

1. A quiet spot at home

(In photo: Huawei MateBook D14 with a FullView Display, 8GB RAM, 258GB SSD)

Realistically speaking, it’s hard to focus on our studies if the people that you’re with at home do not know your class schedule. There may be errands here and there, so as much as possible, find a quiet place and seclude yourself on specific timeslots that your relatives know. This way, you can give undivided attention to your school work. The noisy neighbors are a different issue!

2. Noise-cancelling audio device

(In photo: Huawei FreeBuds 3i)

While it’s hard for some of us to find a “quiet spot”, a good noise-cancelling audio device would be very helpful for us to maintain our focus. Devices like the Huawei FreeBuds 3i can maintain an ideal listening atmosphere by actively detecting ambient noise that it needs to counter. No need to worry about hearing your fan buzzing or the raindrops on the roof while you’re in class! Aside from that, this pair is also handy every time you want to relax and listen to music during your free time. On weekends, it can also serve as your series or movie binge-watching buddy for a more immersive audio experience.

3. A trusty laptop

(In photo: Huawei MateBook D14)

Of course, online learning will not be complete without a reliable laptop that can keep up with our e-learning needs. Clear display, large storage, fast processor, and comfortable keys are just some of the main specs to check. Plus points if it can transfer files from your phone to your laptop with ease – just like the Huawei MateBook D14, which has a HuaweiShare option for smooth file transfers.

This laptop has a 2K FullView Display with slim-bezel screens, AMD Ryzen processor, and a large storage (8GB RM, 258GB SSD) which are also good enough for light gaming with your friends after class. Its fingerprint power button and recessed camera are also easily accessible for those who need to switch tasks from time to time.  For those who have limited power outlets at home, the MateBook D14 can run for up to 10 hours and it also has fast charging so you won’t need to worry about constantly charging. I personally recommend this for people like me who constantly need to multi-task and also keep their minds relaxed through video streaming, gaming, and browsing. With its Eye Protection Mode, no need to worry about straining our eyes even after long hours of laptop use!

4. Lamp or bright area

(In photo: Huawei MateBook D14)

A lot of online classes require participants to turn on their cameras in order to be visible to their instructor. To do this, I suggest using a lamp or a ring light to help illuminate your face. Staying in a place that is bright can also help you stay alert and less sleepy. Never attend online classes while in bed!

5. Mobile phone or tablet

(In photo: Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei MateBook D14)

In the absence of a laptop, a mobile phone or tablet can be a good alternative to consider. Both can download and open files, stream videos, and decent cameras for online video conferences. Before buying, make sure to check if your device is at par with the mandatory specs provided by the Department of Education.

6. Pen and paper

As traditional as it may sound after all the gadgets that were mentioned, studies actually show that writing and taking down notes help us remember things better vs. reading them from a book or screen. A notebook and pen/pencil can help keep our memories sharp even while studying at home.

7. WiFi or data connection

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

It’s challenging to keep up with lessons without a stable Internet connection. If WiFi isn’t available at home, mobile service providers also offer budget pre-paid data bundles to help students who need to attend online classes at home. Data can be used directly on the phone or connected as a hotspot via laptop.

8. P.E.-ready smartwatch

(In photo: Huawei Watch GT2e)

Albeit not required, having a reliable smartwatch during the quarantine period can help motivate us to move and track our physical progress. In the absence of face-to-face monitoring with a P.E. instructor, sports modes in smartwatches can serve as a decent guide to keep our bodies in ship-shape. Smartwatches like the Huawei Watch GT2e has different workout modes – both for indoor and outdoor, that users can choose from. Plus, it has a stress monitoring feature to help us keep our cool.

After your usual daytime routine, the Huawei Watch GT2e can also be used at night as you sleep so you can track your sleeping pattern. This way, the smartwatch can provide recommendations on how you can improve your sleep and look after your health.

The new normal requires us to adapt to a new level of tech and Huawei delivers just that. Not only is it effective for e-learning, but also for work-from-home setups for teachers and other young professionals.

Home-based learning can be quite costly, so Huawei is also offering Back to School bundles so families can save more while also providing the essentials for e-learning. Freebies worth as much as Php 3,780 will be up for grabs from August 8-31, 2020 in Huawei concept stores nationwide and online stores from this link:

Users who will be purchasing a MateBook D14 or D15 on the said dates will be receiving a free Huawei B311 Router and backpack (worth Php 3,780), while those who will be getting a Huawei Watch GT2e will be receiving a free CM510 speaker (worth Php 990). Every purchase of the Huawei FreeBuds 3i, on the other hand, will come with a free nova case and steel bottle (worth Php 2,000).

Hope you’ll be able to add the #BestMateForYou for your online classes (or work)! For updates on our latest tech, toy, and lifestyle discoveries within the Metro (and beyond), you may follow Manila Millennial on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram! 


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  1. Love this! Very Complete checklist of things needed for online classes! Great deal from Huawei Hope this could help online students! 😊

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