SWATCHES: Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Rogue Reds

Looking at the seven new Rogue Reds in the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink collection, we can’t help but sing Style by Taylor Swift because it’s just that “red lip classic thing that you like” that will surely never go out of style. However, we all know how there are red shades that don’t go well with the Filipino skintone so we’re here to give you a look at all the new shades swatched on our arms and when worn on our lips.

Maybelline New York launched these new shades on Wednesday (July 1, 2020) in hopes of solving the dilemma of lippies leaving a stain on reusable masks. Let’s face it: Even though it’s not that big of a problem (perhaps, it’s even a privilege to have that concern), we’d have to admit that it is a struggle to wash off lipstick stains on white reusable masks. I know because I’ve experienced it. Why not just skip wearing lipsticks, then? Because for me, wearing a lipstick feels more comfortable and I need to get my ROI on that money I’ve spent in a year or two before each tube expires! That’s also a reason to snap that quick selfie before heading out. 😉

We made a swatch video on our YouTube Channel if you prefer watching, but we also have photos below so you can see the colors better.


Note: It was quite sunny when I took the photos and video and I’m heavily relying on natural yellowish light. The colors are only a few tones lighter or darker so it’s quite challenging to tell them apart at first glance. They’re all warm reds!

285- Gritty
295 – Standout
295 – Dauntless
300 – Front Runner
305 – Unconventional
310 – Achiever
315 – Extraordinary

Personal favorites would definitely be Achiever and Dauntless. I prefer dark red shades since they goes well with my skintone. Darker shades can also help make our teeth appear whiter!

The formulation is still the same as other Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink shades, this set is just being marketed as being mask-proof. In my opinion, all shades are mask-proof! They’re all so hard to remove, you’ll need a reliable oil-based makeup remover to fully wash it off your face. It’s good for up to 16 hours or until you eat oily food. That’s the only weakness that I found – it’s weak against any form of oil!

Of course, we’ll have to be careful in applying SuperStay Matte Ink Rogue Reds because uneven applications are really noticeable and hard to remove. Applying too many layers will also make your lips appear cracked since it’s matte so I suggest that you stick to one or two swipes.

Mask-proof test can be viewed in the video above if you don’t believe me! I’ve also tried rubbing it dry and with alcohol to show you how strong this lippie is. For those who want to place orders, each shade costs only Php 299 via Lazada! 🙂

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*Items from a PR package, thoughts and words are all mine. 🙂

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