These cats called ‘PokéMeows’ deserve to be on a Pokémon fan’s timeline

If you’re reading this right now, it’s either you clicked the link for cat photos or for the Pokémon reference. Well, we’re not going to disappoint because these new cats on Instagram – Eevee (white) and Mew (gray), collectively known as “PokéMeows” are ready to claw their way into your Instagram timelines.

The Instagram page, @poke.meows, is filled with cat photos of these Siamese x Persian crossbreeds, edited with Pokémon references. For those who do not know what Pokémon is, it’s a Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company. You’ll find Pikachu (the most popular of ’em all) and the rest of the Pokémons in video games, movies, and animated television series from 1997 onwards. The latest releases would be the Pokémon Sword and Shield game for Nintendo Switch.

Well, instead of saying the popular phrase “Gotta catch ’em all”, these cats “gotta scratch ’em all”! They’re fairly new to Instagram so I highly suggest that you follow them for good vibes.

Just look at these photos! Cuteness with a hint of Pokémon nostalgia:

Cat got your escape rope?

(View on @poke.meows’ Instagram)

What would you do if your cats fight?

(View on @poke.meows’ Instagram)

Just like any relationship, things can escalate quickly… in an unfortunate way, that is!

And we all end up as confused as Mew.

(View on @poke.meows’ Instagram)

Now, off to the PokéMeow Center for some cuddles.

(View on @poke.meows’ Instagram)

That’s it! Gotta fly away for now!

(View on @poke.meows’ Instagram)

A note from your resident PokéMeow trainers (Ces and Gio):

The cat’s out of the bag! Yes, we adopted Eevee and Mew from a dear friend last March. To show our mutual love for Pokémons, we chose the cutest names that we can think of. Mew just got to us first since we weren’t prepared to get two cats right away. We have way too many photos so we thought of creating an Instagram account to share the purr-ty photos inspired by Pokémon terms and in-game screenshots. No copyright infringements intended! Of course, we gotta give The Pokémon Company International credits for the parts that we imitated! We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through their cat feed every week. We try to upload new shots whenever we get the chance because we’re mostly busy cuddling with these felines. They’re demanding like that! 🙂

Follow Eevee and Mew’s feline cat-ventures by heading to That’s it! Manila Millennial blasting off at the speed of light! <3

Side note: Proud cat mom moment, please excuse me. LOL!

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  1. I really love cats too miss cess.. Lalo ung attitude nilang kung saan saan lang sila hihiga, and then ikaw ung iiwas para d mo sila maapakan! Haha! 😂😂❤👍

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