#CesPlays Video 3: Appreciation post for Lumpy Space Princess of ‘Adventure Time’

We’re now on the third video of #CesPlays on YouTube! Please subscribe if you want to see more building blocks, puzzles, and other random toys on the page. The extended community quarantine has been quite challenging for us on a mental and emotional level so we’re just trying to keep our spirits up by going back to the things that make us happy – TOYS.

This week’s featured Adventure Time character is the one and only princess of Lumpy Space, who has been hanging around the Land of Ooo for quite some time: Lumpy Space Princess a.k.a. “LSP”!

Let me share some details about this purple gal: Yes, that cloud-like creature with a masculine-sounding voice (voiced by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward) is an actual princess! It’s really great to have a character like her who breaks gender stereotypes in a show supposedly created for children. Albeit being a princess, LSP does not have flashy outfits, a long hair, nor a sparkly crown – things anyone would expect princesses to have in a kids’ show. In fact, LSP started out quite odd – looking like a spoiled brat who only wants attention, but she’s way more than her tough no-f*cks-given vibe. In multiple episodes in Adventure Time, you’ll see how she values her friends and family on a different level.

(Photo courtesy of Cartoon Network UK / Adventure Time)

She has been through a lot and is honestly one of the most interesting characters in the show (at least for me), but we won’t spoil you with details from her backstory so you can watch Adventure Time peacefully if you haven’t yet! Netflix only has Seasons 5 and 6 of the series but you can find this on Cartoon Network and YouTube if you want to catch up.

Despite the series ending in 2018, part of me remains attached to the Land of Ooo and its characters. Adventure Time is way more than a cartoon – it’s a trippy-childish way of depicting what young adults go through every day and it has kept me grounded throughout college. I still stand my ground that this is valued more by millennials, too!

For those who are curious about where we got the Adventure Time microblocks in the video: We got these from Miniso at around Php 299 or 399 – I already forgot, sorry! Will update you as soon as I visit Miniso again. <3

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Keep safe and healthy, everyone!

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