Non-surgical NOSE JOB for Asians: What I went through to get a nose lift (+lip filler)

It’s already 2020, yet it was challenging for me to find websites that contain first-hand explanations on what it was like to get a non-surgical nose job (a.k.a. dermal filler treatment) if you’re an Asian with a flat or a bulbous nose. So that’s exactly why I’m writing this – to share how it was like for me to get fillers in my nose bridge and lips, plus shed a light on misconceptions about the treatment. Don’t worry though, we’re talking about Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers and not the dangerous silicons that you see in the news. This one’s super safe and it’s done by an accredited doctor!

First, I’ll be frank about my main “issue”. I may not have a super flat nose but a small bump on the right side of my nose – which makes it look crooked on certain angles, has made me super self-conscious. My nose bridge isn’t that evident as well. As someone who steps in front of the camera from time to time, I tend to concentrate on taking photos and videos at a certain angle to hide this insecurity. Not to mention numerous times when my mom’s friends or relatives would make a snide remark on how “unfortunate” it was for not inheriting my mom’s pointy nose! Though these were usually thrown as a joke, these things were never funny – just like weight jokes.


Unlike rhinoplasty, which requires surgery for permanent changes, getting fillers is only good for 9-12 months in areas like the nose and chin. For more sensitive areas like the lips, it usually lasts for 6 months only. Getting fillers would be a good step for those who want to see what it’s like if they change certain parts of their face without committing the rest of their life to it. In fact, if you suddenly change your mind a few weeks after getting fillers, you can ask your doctor to dissolve it or add more. It’s also a nice reference for those who are planning to get rhinoplasty in the future.

HA is also safe since it’s naturally produced by our body – mostly on the skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Our body won’t treat it as a foreign object unlike other substances. It also helps add volume, contour, hydrate, and minimize appearance of lines. Best part is that it looks natural! My friends didn’t even notice it until they saw my social media posts about Restylane.

For those who missed my previous posts, Restylane consists of complex sugar chains as stabilized by non-animal hyaluronic acid (NASHA) gel, which mimics natural HA already present in the human body.


Immediately after getting fillers, photo taken outside Beautique MD at MDI Corporate Center, BGC | February 22, 2020.
Day 2 and 3, noticeable swelling and oiliness | February 23-24, 2020
Day 14 | March 7, 2020


My visit to Beautique MD in BGC only took less than two hours! I was asked to wash my face before topical anesthesia was applied. While waiting, I was given papers containing reminders and explanations about Restylane fillers, which I have to read and fill out. This is the part where you need to disclose all allergies or medical and skin conditions that you have. Waiting for the anesthesia to set in is even longer than injecting the fillers on both my nose and lips. Aside from these areas, it can also be injected near the cheeks if you’re bothered by your eyebags, on the temples of your head and chin for shape, or by your laugh lines, to name a few.

Yup, that’s a needle inside my nose!

Having topical anesthesia left my whole face feeling numb but Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas also injected anesthesia to entry points of the needle that will be used for fillers, making things more bearable. Unlike rhinoplasty, getting fillers require you to be fully awake. I hate needles but I was able to successfully make it through! Beautique MD staff were also very friendly. I wouldn’t have been so calm without them constantly rubbing my arms to reassure me that everything’s okay.

I felt the pressure on my nose bridge and lips as the fillers were injected but to keep myself from worrying and trying to feel too much, I just hummed the entire time! It helps, promise.

After more or less 30 mins of injecting, results are already visible. That first glance at the mirror made my heart flutter so much, I won’t be able to forget how happy (and nervous) I was at that time. Didn’t expect the result to look so natural!


I teared up a bit but everything’s fine. LOL!

As someone who has experienced worse (e.g. stitches for a motorcycle accident, biopsy while I’m awake), getting fillers is easy-peasy and way way less bloody (at least for me). It stings because of the anesthesia but other than that, you’ll feel nothing else but pressure on certain areas. Overall, I’d give the “hurt factor” a 3/10 for the nose and 5/10 for the lips part. Main difference is that you’ll only feel pain once for the nose and six times for the lips. Again, this may change depending on your area of concern. Bleeding? Probably a 0.5/10 only, comparable to getting accidentally pricked by a needle.


Lip fillers

Based on my experience, I’ve only noticed a bit of swelling – especially on the 2nd day, a pea-sized bruise on my nose (which isn’t even visible in photos), and small lump formations in parts of the lips since that was a really sensitive area. Swelling and bruising are manageable with the help of a cold compress, while lump formations need to be “dissolved” after a week or two by returning to your doctor.

No need to worry about misconceptions such as (1) skin sagging like an empty balloon once the HA is fully dissolved after 12 months, (2) nose being totally deformed after accidentally hitting it, or (3) needing to have fillers injected again and again (until you die). Our face is expected to return to its natural look after a few months.


Consult your doctor first and disclose all medical conditions or implants that you have to ensure that it won’t lead to adverse effects. Ask all the questions before the day of the procedure if possible and do not wear any makeup since you’ll need to wash everything off anyway. Read about the type of HA that will be used and research if the brand is accredited. The one used on my face is called Restylane.


Use cold compress for parts that may bruise/swell. It also helps manage the minimal discomfort after getting HA. Avoid intense workouts first and exposure to intense heat so as not to feel additional discomfort. Follow-up and consult your doctor if you feel lump formations.

Day 5 | Went back to Beautique MD to dissolve the lumps on my lips on February 27, 2020. It’s normal and not really visible, so no need to fret in case it happens to you, too.

You can already go back to your normal routine after getting fillers. No issue in applying makeup as well!


Price depends on the area where fillers will be injected and how much you’ll need. Each Restylane syringe for the nose would cost around Php 20,000 – Php 25,000. It’s an investment for people who make a living out of their looks, TBH.


With Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas at the Beautique MD clinic

If I have extra cash and everything goes well in the next few months, DEFINITELY! Confidence is key to a lot of things and being unbothered by my physical appearance adds a bit of morale boost. Benefits are also better as you age since HA fillers are known for adding moisture to our skin. It can help lessen appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Take note that my answers above are based solely on my understanding and experience. It’s still best to consult directly with a doctor. I highly recommend getting Restylane from Beautique MD. It’s at the 8th floor of MDI Corporate Center, 10th Ave corner, 39th Street, Taguig City.

Remember: Your body, your rules. If you believe getting fillers or other facial enhancements can make your life easier or more bearable, you have our full support. 🙂

I’ll post a photo before February 2021 to update you on how my face looks like by then. Don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram so you won’t miss it!

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