5 Ways to style denim for your upcoming summer parties

Distressed jeans, denim jackets, denim-on-denim outfits – we’ve seen these style staples all year round. Now that summer is drawing closer, it’s about time to update your OOTD to ones that can keep you comfy even under the scorching sun! Check out our five style pegs from Wanderland 2019 that you can save for future reference.

Wanderland had it all—the great music, the star-studded lineup, and a confluence of different styles. And at this year’s two-day fete, inexplicably head-turning looks and style inspirations were seen among festival-goers– Denim.

1. Distressed Denim Shorts and Tube Top

Keep things breezy with a tube top and distressed denim shorts on your next summer party. Thessa Cadiz wore a tee turned tube top to stand out!

2. Denim Pieces x Plaid Polo

A comeback trend, which was popularized during the 90s, plaid polo styled as a wrap-around can add flair to your party look. Add this to your normal denim wear and you can channel that influencer vibe like Lance De Ocampo’s.

3. Denim Shorts and Ribbed Top

Branded tees can look more stylish as ribbed tops or crop tops. Take this example from Angela Martinez. She reinvented a Levi’s tee as a ribbed top paired with iconic denim pieces.

4. Ripped Jeans + Printed Top/Polo

Of course, ripped jeans are still in! Pair that with a printed top or polo – preferably floral to channel the summer vibes. Here’s Brent Manalo, bringing the summer vibe to Wanderland with the said style.

5. Denim-on-denim and a Statement Tee

Such a classic – denim-on-denim will definitely look good with a statement tee. You can take off your denim jacket during the day and put it on at night. Your call! This looks good on Kim Tappy, spotted at Wanderland 2019.

These standout #OOTDs had one thing in common—they’re pieces from none other than iconic denim brand Levi’s®. These different Levi’s® outfits were personalized to reflect the owners’ sense of style. Every Levi’s® piece combines the perfect fit and the classic look that serves as a blank canvas for authentic self-expression. From the jeans and trucker jackets to the graphic tees, the ultimate summer music festival featured a who’s who of proud denim wearers!

Did you also spot the Levi’s® Pop-Up Booth and Tailor Shop at the Wanderland? Some festival-goers upped their denim game to a whole new level by personalizing their trucker jackets with patches, studs, and collectible pins for the added attitude.

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