Mind-boggling movie ‘Escape Room’ ~almost~ nailed it, had it not been for this part

Movies that involve intricate puzzles never fail to keep us on the hook. That’s why after watching the trailer for Columbia Pictures’ Escape Room, we can’t help but wish that it can come close to the likes of Saw or Inception (wishful thinking). Well, it did well, considering that it’s a rated PG-13 movie, had it not been for one part that could’ve just been removed entirely. Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk!

This mind-boggling psycho thriller, which will be available in all SM Cinemas, showcases puzzles, screams, and deaths – minus the gory details.

Just like any of us who love joining puzzle games with huge cash prizes, the six characters in this movie finds themselves in the middle of a game, except here, their life has been put at stake. It’s a do-or-die situation for everyone and the only way out is to keep their minds running while dodging every life-threatening challenge.

(Scene from ‘Escape Room’/ Columbia Pictures)

It’s not like Saw,  where people are tortured because of wrongdoings in the past. Here, people who were “lucky” enough to survive previous tragedies are brought together to see whose luck reigns supreme for entertainment’s sake. The turnaround of events are really quick and you’ll see enough backstory for every character. There was never a dull moment because you won’t have any idea about what’s happening as each scene roll out.

It would have easily been part of our favorite puzzle movies only if the producers already rolled the credits before the last two scenes. The WOO TAN YU anagram at the end, where you’ll see Zoey screaming, is already enough to keep moviegoers thinking about whether or not Zoey is just hallucinating – just like how she imagined her cupboard shaking during Thanksgiving. Too bad they gave away too much info at the end!S

(Scene from ‘Escape Room’/ Columbia Pictures)

In terms of character development, there has been a huge jump at how Zoey started off as a silent smart yet passive kid to a girl who would jump on the next plane just to prove that what she knows is correct.
It’s not our cup of tea, but it doesn’t necessarily ruin the entirety of the story. Still worth watching if you ask me. It’s something that I’d see again if I just want a chill puzzle film that wouldn’t require me to do a lot of thinking in between.

Directed by Adam Robitel, Escape Room features actors Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis, Logan Miller as Ben Miller, Deborah Ann Woll as Amanda Harper, Jay Ellis as Jason Walker, Tyler Labine as Mike Nolan, and Nik Dodani as Danny Khan.

(Scene from ‘Escape Room’/ Columbia Pictures)

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