A gadget to consider before visiting the Filling Station Bar and Café

When you mention Filling Station Bar and Café to millennials within the Metro, there’s a high chance that they’ve already been there, or they have been planning to pay this place a visit. Who wouldn’t want to take blast back into the past and indulge in hearty servings of food while enjoying memorabilia from the 50s? This place has actually been very popular with Instagram kids who want to take their photos beside neon signs, but there’s just one problem: Professional cameras are not allowed inside!

View from inside the car.

It was early 2018 when we first visited the bar-café in Poblacion, Makati City, but we were asked not to use our DSLR because professional photoshoots inside would require a fee. Phone cameras are okay to use, but it was challenging to do so with the lighting condition. Most areas at the Filling Station are quite dim and relying on mobile photo editing apps just wouldn’t do the trick. Fast forward to 2019, we returned with a reliable camera in our hands. Actually, make that three cameras, all of which are packed inside the OPPO R17 Pro.

Normal phone photo, same lighting condition as below.
Night Mode photo via OPPO R17 Pro, same lighting condition as above.
Normal photo
Night Mode

With a 12MP (f/1.5 and f/2.4) primary camera, supported by a 20MP camera (f/2.6) and TOF (Time of Flight) 3D stereo camera, Night Mode was able to bring out the beauty and details of the place even more. Even vintage items (small cars, signages, posters) stuck in the ceiling – which normally wouldn’t be noticeable under dim lights – were highlighted from our shot taken from afar!

Items above the billiard table.
Ceiling design above our table.
Other side of the ceiling ft. Spider-Man!

On the other hand, switching back to normal photo mode kept the dramatic vibe of the place. It’s also a better option to use when it comes to food photography (via mobile), so you can maintain the natural look of your meal. We got a bucket of French Fries and a plate of Banana Pancakes, paired with Lemonade and Banana Shake during our visit. Total bill was just around P800!

Banana pancake
My banana shake brings all the boys to yard. (Kidding!)

Pro tip: Visit around 11 pm – 12 mn if you don’t want to be around a lot of people. The Filling Station starts to become a little busy around 7-8 pm. We had to wait for our turn (we were 3rd in line) when we visited at 9 pm on a weekend. Spending 1 ½ hours is enough for you to maximize your visit. Food servings are bigger than ordinary restaurants and there’s just way too much vintage items to check out!

By the entrance (2nd floor)
Non-smoking area.
The famous Cadillac!

Of course, every visit wouldn’t be complete without an OOTD photo featuring the unique diner-like setup. Pose with the famous Cadillac or beside statues that came from all over the world! For portrait and OOTD shots, you can play around with other camera settings. The Portrait option also brings out the color even more, but this is best used for close-up shots.

Rock it out with Elvis

The downside in using this gadget would be the inevitable blurs in Night Mode photos, especially when objects tend to move (like people, cars, blinking lights). Having really shaky hands that can’t stay still for 3 seconds also tend to affect the quality of your shot. There are also instances when photos come out too sharp, but that can easily be adjusted with mobile editing apps.

Statues everywhere!
Wonder Woman

The Filling Station may bring you back to the 50s but that does not mean you cannot bring this generation’s technology with you. For such places that DSLRs cannot reach, take phones like the OPPO R17 Pro with you to capture every picture-perfect moment even under low light.

More cars… up above!

For more details about its specs, visit our previous post at: 5 OPPO R17 Pro features worth considering aside from the processor

Drop by the Filling Station Bar and Café any time, any day. They’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Find them at 5012 P. Burgos, Makati City. This place is known as the red light district of Makati, but it’s safe within the vicinity.

View from outside Filling Station

Feel free to show us your photos of the place by tagging Manila Millennial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit, too!

‘Til next time!


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