Eyebrow Microblading 101: What it’s like to get semi-permanent brows at Hallyu Secret

“Kilay is life,” they say, but getting late for work just for those eyebrows on fleek would be a no-no for any millennial who is working towards his/her life goals. To save time in getting prepped up in the morning, your Manila Millennial tried a famous beauty aesthetic procedure called Eyebrow Microblading – a form of eyebrow embroidery or semi-permanent tattoo – from a Korean beauty aesthetics clinic called Hallyu Secret. If ever you’re curious about it and this beauty essential that is also part of the Korean wave (english translation of “hallyu”), keep reading because we’ll take you through the procedure, maintenance, and the challenges we faced within the first seven days.

Last Saturday (June 2, 2018), we gave you a peek at the highlights of our microblading experience at Hallyu Secret Aesthetics and Training Center in Greenhills, but we didn’t get the chance to share what it’s like to get poked by super small chisel-like needles. It may sound scary but believe me when I say that I did not feel a thing because my pain tolerance is really really low.


Where all the magic happens.

Unlike traditional cosmetic tattoos, Eyebrow Microblading is less invasive and looks more natural with its effects that can last for over a year, depending on a person’s skin type and skincare routine. It uses techniques such as feathering and shadowing for natural-looking brows.

The small blade is used to deposit pigments made out of herbs and natural ingredients into the skin and create shadows that resemble real hair. You may liken it to an artsy tattoo, but microblading only reaches the superficial layers of the skin which tends to shed out through time. Although it’s semi-permanent, retouches from time to time can help you maintain your look.

After the consultation, the consultants will determine if you can or cannot push through with the procedure. Customers who are allergic to needles, metals, and specific food that are part of the pigments’ ingredients (mostly herbs) may be recommended to try a different service instead.


  1. Assessment and Consultation

I wasn’t 100% prepared when I visited the clinic so I quickly searched for nice brows on Google after the keywords “eyebrows on fleek”. (Left photo courtesy of Ms. Kris Candyd of Hallyu Secret, right photo from Google Search)

After being greeted by Hallyu Secret’s friendly staff, Korean Beauty Consultant LK Park will be asking you questions before proceeding with the next steps. She speaks in Korean so Raphael Jung, co-owner, assists by translating her words into English. During the consultation, LK will be explaining the procedure to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into! You’ll also be asked to sign waivers and indicate all your allergies on a piece of paper.

Tip: Bring a photo of the eyebrow shape that you prefer so you can show it to LK. She’ll be giving her own recommendations whether or not that shape will look good on you as well.

  1. Topical Anesthesia

All good!

A 20-minute window time for you to calm your mind while waiting for your turn! Here, a Hallyu Secret staff will be applying a topical anesthesia on your brows and wrap it in a cling wrap. Your eyebrows will start to numb after a few minutes, but you won’t feel anything weird.

  1. Drawing/Shaping

Look at all that space to be filled out.

You’ll be asked to transfer to their microblading room where LK will be removing the cling wrap and excess anesthesia from your eyebrows. She’ll start to draw the shape that you want and ask if they’re too thick or thin for your liking. Everything will be for your approval, of course.

  1. Microblading

Doesn’t sting even a bit.

Once the shape has been set, LK will start filling in the shape using a mix of pigments that you’ve requested for. Colors range from dark brown to a lighter shade of brown. At this point, you won’t feel that there are small blades slicing through your eyebrows. All is well!

  1. Shading/ Feathering

Extra touches for that “combo” effect – feathering and shadowing.

As finishing touches, a mix of Korean-style shading and feathering will be added to create a more natural look.

  1. Adding Tint

Don’t worry, all that mess will be removed later on.

This is the only part of the process where you’ll feel a bit of stinging sensation on your brows. LK will be warning you that it will hurt a bit before she applies the final tint. She’ll proceed to apply a layer of tint on both brows and cover it with a cling wrap for around 5 minutes. The pain disappears after a few seconds, though.

  1. Finishing Touch: Care Cream

After removing the tint, LK will be removing the residue from your eyebrows and apply a care cream that you’ll need to apply over and over again for the next few days.


  • Care cream must be applied every time that your brows feel dry
  • Do not scrub the brow area within the first 2 weeks
  • If possible, do not wet the brow area during the first 3 days
  • Do not scratch or pick scabs, if there are any
  • Do not apply brow products within the first month
  • Do not touch your brows with your bare hands, use cotton buds instead
  • Use blade when removing excess hair. Do not undergo threading!


L-R: Raphael Jung (Hallyu Secret co-owner), me, and LK Park (Korean Beauty Consultant and Trainer). Thank you to co-owner Ms. Kris Candyd for taking this photo!

Regular price would be at P30,000 but since Hallyu Secret is on soft opening, this can be availed for only P15,000 until July 30, 2018. Honestly, this is already a fair price given that the person behind the microblade is already a Korean instructor. When you check other clinics that offer the same service, prices usually range from P20,000 – P30,000 from an expert level.

In case you won’t be able to drop by soon, you can show our discount code CESKNWSCRT in order to get 10% off ANY regular service from Hallyu Secret.


Hallyu Secret is a treasure trove of Korean-inspired services that any Filipino, provided that they’re willing to spend, will love. They have nail care and nail art, Korean facial treatments, semi-permanent makeup services like mascara, eyelash extensions, lips pigmentation, and BB Glow, acne treatment programs, anti-aging treatments, slimming services, and warts removal, to name a few.


I really loved how a 2-hour eyebrow microblading session can save me a lot of time when getting ready for work or an event. The procedure has no downtime and I was even able to attend another event right after my visit at Hallyu Secret.

It may seem weird at first because the pigments appear so dark during the first 3 days. It’s a challenge to keep your brows away from chemicals especially for someone like me whose day isn’t complete without facial wash and cleansers. I’ve also made it a habit to apply the topical care cream that has been provided every time my brows felt dry. On the 4th and 5th day, I observed that there are small peelings on my brows but they’re not that obvious so I didn’t really mind. On the 6th and 7th day, the tattooed strands appeared so light, it seems like I was born with full brows. I’m expecting the tint to reappear in the next few days.

Over-all, I’d still love to come back for a retouch and try more services at Hallyu Secret. For now, I can only trust the process and “brow fairy” LK Park’s words! If you’re interested to try their services, make sure to reserve a slot first to ensure that the experts can accommodate you. ♥

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