5 Entertaining vlogs to help get you through everyday traffic

We have come to accept traffic as part of city life, and we all have our ways of coping like sneaking in a quick nap, tuning into our own ‘traffic playlist,’ catching up on social media, and even squeezing in some work on the go. But with high-resolution smartphones and fast mobile data, there’s nothing like watching entertaining vlogs (aside from reading our blogs, of course!) to keep our mind off any bad road situation. If you’re looking for new content to keep you entertained and informed while beating rush-hour traffic, here’s a list that might just work for you:

1. Ranz & Niana 

When it comes to #siblinggoals, Ranz and Niana definitely top the list. This brother-and-sister tandem is a hit among YouTube viewers who enjoy watching them move and groove to the latest dance hits (occasionally with baby sister Natalia, who’s also quite the social media star herself), pull pranks on each other, and just be charming cool kids overall. They’ve also released their own music, proving how talent truly runs in the family. Whether you’re watching for fun or to learn new dance steps, Ranz and Niana will make you want to bust a few moves of your own, even while stranded on EDSA. Follow Ranz and Niana at www.youtube.com/ranzkyle and www.youtube.com/nianaguerrero.

2. Michelle Dy

There’s no shortage of make-up tutorials and beauty vlogs on YouTube, but Michelle Dy continues to be a fan favorite because of her simple and practical make-up tips. Instead of sulking inside the taxi, plan your look for the day by watching one of her beginner-friendly tips on how to look your best without ruining your budget. We like her for her vlogs only. Period. Catch her at www.youtube.com/michelledy051.

3. Chris Cantada Force

If you love Power Rangers, Star Wars or the Marvel Universe, then you’ll love Chris Cantada’s YouTube channel. When he’s not making awesome fan films, he’s unboxing and reviewing toys. Chris also collaborates with his fellow content creators to create fun and action-packed videos that will keep your mind out of the traffic and bring out the pop culture geek in you. Watch Chris at www.youtube.com/ChrisCantadaForce.

4. Erwan Heussaff

Make ‘traffic time’ productive by planning your next food crawl or travel itinerary with tips from no less than Erwan Heussaff. His YouTube channel is filled with informative and entertaining content—from cocktail recipes and travel diaries to more insightful content on food and farming in the Philippines. And, if you’re a sucker for celebrity couples, you also get a sneak peek into his married life with equally lovable wife Anne Curtis. Follow Erwan at www.youtube.com/ErwanHeussaff.

5. Andi Manzano-Reyes

There’s nothing like adorable kids to brighten up any gloomy situation, and If you need a quick ‘pick-me-upper,’ check out Andi’s YouTube channel with her three-year old daughter Olivia where they share family-friendly adventures and heartwarming moments. If you’re a young mom looking for tips and hacks, Andi’s got you covered too. Catch them on www.youtube.com/andimanzano.

These entertaining and informative vlogs at your fingertips are your best ally in combating traffic blues. Best of all you don’t need to worry about using up all of your mobile data because all Smart, TNT and Sun Prepaid customers can now enjoy up to one hour of free YouTube streaming every day until July 15.

Simply register to load packages like GigaSurf99, AllOutSurf99, GigaSurf50, AllOutSurf 30, Panalo Data 30, Panalo Combo 30, Super Combo 20, and Big Time Data 70, and enjoy up to one hour of free YouTube daily – for as long as your chosen promo is valid.

The next time you’re caught in traffic, enjoy the time to laugh and learn from your favorite YouTube content creators. And as a safety reminder: Don’t watch and drive!

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