10 millennial thoughts from ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’

(Post may contain slight spoilers)

Staring at the poster, you’ll have a feeling that Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is just some movie about teens partying wild and some sort of Pitch Perfect-meets-High School Musical spinoff. However, it’s more than that – and it actually contains a bit of both. Thanks to 20th Century Fox Philippines, we can feast our eyes on the beautiful Hawaii-shot movie (and Zac Efron’s abs) on September 14, 2016!

Synopsis: Hard-partying brothers Mike and Dave place an online ad to find the perfect dates for their sister’s Hawaiian wedding. Hoping for a wild getaway, the boys instead find themselves outsmarted and out-partied by the uncontrollable duo.

With a crazy cast lineup, expect to see Anna Kendrick (Alice), Aubrey Plaza (Tatiana), Adam DeVine (Mike), and Zac Efron (Dave) in their ridiculously funny selves as they try not to “f*ck things up” during their little sister’s wedding day.

Here are 10 millennial thoughts to keep you hooked on this upcoming movie:

1. Friends are forever

Nothing beats having someone by your side through thick and thin – hating on that trashy ex of yours or setting you up with Mr. Right. Plus, you’ll always have someone to watch your back!

2. ”Bros before hoes”

(Be careful when using the latter term)

Just like how the popular saying goes, Mike and Dave portray a sibling love that’s just #BroGoals-worthy. Party-wrecking skills aside, they’re an unbeatable duo!

3. Marriage is scary but it’s a good kind of scary

Wedding jitters? I’m guessing it exists and this movie can’t get more real about the subject.

4. Love can be traumatizing

Well, it can be when you’re badly hurt. Losing someone (more so being left at the altar) feels like a part of you died three times. It might make you feel like you’re a worthless human being, but it really just takes the right person to accept you completely (Really true!).

5. We all screw up

In the movie’s terms, “life can suck”. However, every disappointment opens up a chance to redeem yourself. It’s a matter of making a huge comeback!

6. Everyone will remember you for your failures

All the good and fun things you’ve done in the past won’t matter if you made one huge slip-up.

7. Deleting files on your phone can help you move on

DELETE ALL THOSE TEXT MESSAGES, PHOTOS, AND VIDEOS IF YOU MUST. Take it from Alice. The process won’t be as easy as it seems but it can help! (May the GIF be a warning on things you’re about to see in the movie.)

8. Not all risks are worth taking

They say it’s better to take risks than regretting not doing anything at all, but in some instances – like riding an ATV on a steep slope without much experience – you just have to give it up.

9. Riri is kween

Let’s just all keep this in mind. Rihanna’s songs = everybody’s jam! (Like you can’t stop yourself from shaking those booties.)

10. We all need a good laugh from time to time

This movie isn’t one for the Oscars but it can surely make you laugh out loud at the cinema! Just make sure that you’re not taking them seriously and that you’re open to lots of inappropriate comments, dirty jokes, and sexual innuendos. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is a breather from that recent heart-wrenching zombie movie!

Heads up: It’s R-18. Expect swear words and things that can make your grandma and grandpa (or even your parents) cringe. Rating this 8/10 in comparison to movies with similar themes.

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