15 Tweets that sum up the second #MMShakeDrill

Imagine enjoying your cup of coffee while trying to wake up your brain cells for another day at work/school, then all hell breaks loose (or at least that’s what it feels like when the ground’s shaking so bad). What would you even do?

On its second attempt to prepare Metro residents for an upcoming 7.2 magnitude earthquake that can strike the Philippines anytime, the Metro Manila Development Authority headed a Metro-wide simulation on Wednesday (June 22, 2016) at 9:00 a.m.

Everyone was invited to “duck, cover, and hold” as sirens blasted from buildings to mark the start of the imaginary tremor, followed by an evacuation for everyone — whether you’re in school, at home, at the office, currently stuck in traffic, or in transit.

What made this #MMShakeDrill realistic were the numerous reports you see on Twitter of  casualty count, damage reports, and pleas for help from different areas of the Metro. You can also see photos of burning cars and infrastructure, dead people (with “blocks” and “rubbles”), injured participants (complete with “bloody” bandages), and even casualties by riversides. The said hashtag even grabbed the first spot in the Philippines Trends List as of this posting.

Here are 15 tweets that best sum up today’s simulation — some looking so unbelievable, it’s like an actual earthquake! The last one’s gotta be our favorite.

Duck, cover, and… selfie? Why not? Just a little something to break the tension. Pretty sure no one can flash a smile when an actual earthquake strikes.

For more #MMShakeDrill tweets and reports, check out the said hashtag on Twitter.

*Photos courtesy of the mentioned Twitter users. 

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