Tight budget? P1000 can score you 6 items (or more) at the Trendsetter’s Bazaar!

Trying to save up for my future travels, which I’ll be sharing with you here, I decided to cut off my shopping budget to the lowest price possible. It might sound crazy and unsatisfying, but believe me, it is so darn possible.

If you’re like me who’s quite iffy about placing orders on shops you see via Instagram and Facebook, you can check out the items in the flesh over at the Trendsetter’s Bazaar at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Shop ‘til you drop from 11 am to 9 pm on June 19 (their last day this month) and score these lovely finds that amount to only P1000!

trendsetters bazaar

  1. Cute panda doll shoes (P350) at Monique

For just P350, two cute pandas can now accompany me in my afternoon strolls. Since I love white footwear (and pandas), this addition adds in the cuteness to my collection. More shoes at their Instagram page (@monique.collection).

  1. Denim skirt (P300) at Fashion Police Closet

I’ve been looking for a denim skirt that fits just right, given my pear-shaped body. Wearing A-line denim skirts is just a no-no for me. Thus, this affordable yet comfortable and sexy-looking skirt from Fashion Police Closet does the trick. Will post a photo of how it looks like when worn sometime in the future. Visit their online catalog via Instagram (@fpcloset).

  1. Dark blue top (P150) at UMixed Fashion Shop

Think this is a common chiffon top? Wait until you see the back side. Aside from the style that adds an oomph to that sexy back, you don’t need to worry about your undergarment doing a peek-a-boo by the armpit hole. More designs at their Facebook page (UMixedFashionShop).

  1. Forever 21 ear bling (P120) at The Hub

I’m a sucker for ear accessories! Since there are five slots for earrings, finding this Forever 21 ear bling that you only need to clamp on your ears is a blessing from above. No need to add another hole in there! Plus, the floral design is a stunner.

They also have more stuff for your closet, which you can check out through Instagram (@thehubph).

  1. Menow Kissproof lipstick (P100) at Chedelyn’s Cosmetics

True to its name, this lipstick doesn’t easily get smudged or erased when you eat and drink. No marks for cheek kisses, too! For the complete list of their products, head over to Instagram (@chedelyncosmetics).


  1. Yummy cheesecake cookies (P80) at Chewy Treats by Claire

While checking out the items, help yourself to five pieces of cheesecake cookies that will definitely be enough for your sweet tooth cravings. This batch of soft cookies are topped with cream cheese and crushed Oreos that will make you want to come back for more. You can try them yourselves by ordering through facebook.com/chewytreatsbyclaire.

Just in case you don’t make it this week, they have more in store on July 8-10, September 23-25 and October 14-16. Save the date, millennials.

What hooked me to this bazaar was the awesome finds that I got last month. Included in my haul were a watermelon pouch, off-shoulder tops, a sleeveless dress, a cardigan, and more yummy treats! Also included in the wide array of trendy choices are your favorite picture-perfect items from bloggers, being sold at a cheaper price.

The entrance fee (P100) entitles you to a free workshop from social media influencers who are well-known for their makeup, skincare, and trendsetting specialties. There are also calligraphy and painting seminars, if I’m not mistaken. The full schedule is made available at their website (trendsetterteam.com).

Guess I’ll be coming back for more next month! I’m planning to grab a travel backpack, cute socks, and more makeup next time.

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