To Watch or Not to Watch: ‘The Idea of You’ premieres on Prime Video

by: Jainor Uchida Garcia and Hannah Aguimatang-Garcia

Tired of the usual sappy love stories that seem too good to be true to happen in real life? Maybe a more true-to-life movie based on the acclaimed contemporary love story of author Robinne Lee might be a good option on your next binge-watch session. Now available on Prime Video, this newly released film entitled The Idea of You follows the life of Solène (Anne Hathaway), a 40-year-old single mother, whose world takes an unforeseen turn when she finds herself entangled in a whirlwind romance with Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), the lead singer of boy band, August Moon.

Directed by Michael Showalter (The Big Sick), the film explores an unconventional relationship between two characters with a significant age gap — a theme that isn’t so common in movies, especially in the Philippines where huge age gaps are usually welcomed with judging eyes and hurtful comments. The exceptional acting and chemistry between Hathaway and Galatzine would make a “Marites” (Filipino term for gossipmongers) rethink their ways. Director Showalter even explains that they’re “commenting on how we, as a society, look at other people’s choices, and rush to judgment and want to have opinions about what other people choose to do with their relationships.”

Hathaway, known for her versatile roles, portrays a mature single mother with grace and charm, showing that her talent is as stunning as ever. Galatzine, on the other hand, plays a carefree pop star who finds himself entangled with older women, adding a layer of depth to their on-screen chemistry. The two are joined by Ella Rubin, Reid Scott, and Annie Mumolo.

Snippet from ‘The Idea of You’ / Courtesy of Prime Video

Production designer Amy Williams has also meticulously crafted the vibrant world of The Idea of You, from the pulsating energy of Coachella to the cozy intimacy of Solène’s home and art gallery. With careful attention to detail, Williams transformed each setting into a vivid and immersive backdrop that enhances the film’s narrative. Collaborating closely with costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio, Williams ensured that the visual aesthetic harmonizes seamlessly with the characters’ attire, enriching the cinematic experience.

While the film may remind you of some Wattpad fanfiction involving pop stars, this adaptation feels fresh and engaging, especially with Galatzine’s actual singing talent adding authenticity to the role. Despite the film’s strong points, it does touch on the subtle sexism age-gap relationships can face but fails to fully explore this theme, focusing more on the relationship’s development and challenges. Additionally, the ending, resembling a Harry Styles concert, may seem somewhat unrealistic.

One minor flaw that we found though is the title’s ambiguity, as it’s not directly explained in the film, leaving viewers to ponder its significance. However, we can still say that overall, The Idea of You can be filed under your to-watch list as it’s a captivating film with strong performances and an engaging storyline, even if it doesn’t delve deeply into all its thematic elements.

The Idea of You is now available, exclusively on Prime Video. For those who are not yet subscribed, you can now do so for only Php 149 a month. Just download the Prime Video app via Google Play, Apple Store or Microsoft.

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