Made for Movement: How Mondelēz PH promotes overall well-being, right snacking

The pandemic has significantly impacted how we care for our mental and physical well-being. Juggling time between work and personal life can be difficult, and often, one’s welfare becomes the last priority. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”! The disconnect between employees’ well-being and office productivity is one of the few challenges that snacks company Mondelēz Philippines aims to address.

Last October 1, Mondelēz International’s celebrated their annual Purpose Day—the beginning of the multinational company’s month-long activities focused on their intentional commitment to activating their Purpose in unison: To Empower People to Snack Right. Focused on pillars of growth, execution, culture and sustainability, one of the initiatives prepared by the snacks company for its colleagues is the Mondelēz Made to Move virtual event, which we were able to join, thanks to our friends from Mondelēz! Mental and physical wellness experts led discussions on how we can better manage our mental and physical well-being by balancing home life and work — especially for those who continue to work from home.

“At Mondelēz, we want our employees to know that we respect their time and hard work,” shares Aileen Aumentado, People Lead for Mondelēz Philippines. “We want to make our colleagues feel valued by guiding and reminding them of how important it is to care for their well-being, too,” she adds.

The virtual event was held online via Zoom with mental well-being expert and host PJ Lanot and physical wellness expert Joseph Guevara of The Givars Effect. Micro-challenges were done throughout the event with the intention of mindful movement, including a virtual QR code hunt, trivia games, and low-impact exercises that support colleagues in their journey of caring for their well-being. PJ Lanot shared tips and advice to “hack” one’s happy hormones, like celebrating small wins, spending time in nature, and physical touch and affection, among others. “Wins don’t have to be big—they can be small but meaningful,” PJ shares. On the other hand, fitness coach Joseph Guevara motivated audience members with mini-exercises they can do in between work breaks to support a healthy and active lifestyle. “Move at least 30 minutes a day, don’t deprive yourself of food, drink lots of water, consider taking nutritional supplements, and get at least eight hours of quality sleep every night,” coach Joseph ends. The winners and participants of the micro-challenges were given Mondelēz goodies as prizes.

The Purpose Day celebrations also include a well-being day where colleagues are free to take a day off work to unwind and relax. Additionally, the company provides three different programs that improve employee support: Meet-Less Fridays, Employee Assistance Program, and Sabbatical Leave, which are available all year round. Hoping that more companies would adapt the same management style. Imagine being in a not-so-stressful (because stress will always be present everywhere) workplace!

“Our Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7, even during holidays. It’s free, and you can confide privately to mental healthcare professionals, powered by our provider Magellan Healthcare,” My Rewards Advisor for Mondelēz Cornelia dela Cruz shares. Mondelēz Philippines also partnered with Maxicare to cater to colleagues who need psychiatric consultation, where personal and teleconsultation and therapy are free for its employees and family dependents. “We believe that with the right body and mind, we can achieve our goals with the right purpose,” de la Cruz concludes. This service is available for all Mondelēz employees in the Philippines.

Mondelēz Philippines is committed to supporting their employees’ welfare. “We want to pride ourselves in building a winning growth culture, and that means supporting our colleagues’ physical and emotional well-being to help them achieve their full potential,” Aumentado ends. Mondelēz Philippines aims to continuously support its people’s journey to better physical, emotional, and mental health, by continuing to empower people as we celebrate the past and move towards the future​ of snacking.

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  1. Wow npka gandang company tlga ng Mondelēz , nkakatuwa kung paano nila alagaan ang kanilang employees , ng provide pa ng mga programs 🥰 Salute Mondelēz 🤗❤️

  2. Gay this is really and the best talaga Ang Mondelēz International ❤️ #PurposeDay ! great advocacy and they are really kind to their employees ❤️

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