Keeping your heating costs low in a Calgary home

Let’s talk about a different country for a change. Winters at Calgary in Alberta, Canada are some of the most expensive when it comes to your electricity bill.  Not only do you spend more time inside than any other time of the year: but you also have to pay to fully heat your home so that it’ll be comfortable for everyone who lives there. 

These are the top ways to fully heat your property and keep your costs low while enjoying the winter in Calgary:

Seal Any Leaking Windows or Doors

Leaking windows and doors is the fastest way to run up your heating bill in the winter.  These tiny gaps allow the cold air to push in and keep your HVAC system running for far longer than it would otherwise.  To check for air leaks, light a candle and hold it near windows and doors.  If there’s a leak near an opening, you’ll know because the flame will pull strongly towards or away from the entrance.

Replace Your Air Filter Often

The filters for your HVAC system should be checked every month and changed as soon as needed.  If anything builds up on these filters, it makes it harder for your heating system to run, causing it to run longer and harder.  Save yourself that headache, and swap your filters long before they ever get to that stage.

Get a Smart Thermostat to Track Heating

Smart thermostats are something that’s popping up in Calgary homes for sale on a more reliable basis than washer and dryer sets.  Homes with this touch of smart technology allow owners to change the temperature of their entire home with the touch of a finger and ensure that you can monitor use, set timers so that it turns on and off whenever you want (which is awesome if you don’t work from home) and can alert you if your system has been running for far too long.

Cover Windows On Colder Days

(Photo from Pixabay)

On days when it’s especially cold and below -10c, it’s important to ensure your windows are covered.  The best combination is blinds, and then also curtains, but if you don’t have curtains, you can also pin a thick blanket over your window.  Make sure to close most of the doors in your home for the same reason.  It’s easier to trap heat in smaller places, and this will help keep your home at a constant temperature rather than a fluctuating one.

Consider Boosting Your Insulation

When’s the last time you had your insulation checked?  It’s a good idea to get your insulation checked at least once every ten years to ensure that you have enough for your home and that there’s nothing wrong with it.  This will give you the chance to add more and possibly create a warmer home without having to run the heater as much,

Winter Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Winter in Calgary should only be expensive from all of the activities you plan: not from having to pay for heating your home.  Take the time to protect your property from the cold so that you can keep warm!

*Thumbnail image from Pixabay.

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