SNEAK PEEK: realme GT 2 Series with a sustainable Paper Tech Master design

Smartphone brand realme recently unveiled a sneak peek on the appearance of its new product – the realme GT 2 SERIES, which has been co-designed with Naoto Fukusawa and inspired by paper! According to the brand, the upcoming realme GT 2 Pro is the world-first smartphone with bio-based polymer design

The Paper Tech Master design is a sustainable product design with “The Future in Paper” as the core design inspiration — combining art, respect, love and reverence of the Great Environment. 

realme GT 2 Pro will be coming with a special Paper Tech Master Design, which brings the beauty of sustainable paper texture to mobile. For realme, distinctive product design is essential for all their products, but they don’t want the environment to be sacrificed for as they believe in the harmony between environment and technology.  

We have limited information regarding other details, though. For now, our main question will still be: Will its specs match the beauty of its clean and sustainable design? realme GT 2 SERIES will be launched in the Philippines soon and we’ll be on the lookout for it!

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4 Replies to “SNEAK PEEK: realme GT 2 Series with a sustainable Paper Tech Master design”

  1. Ganda ng Unit na To, and makikita mo rin yung High quality and Nice Features and specs. such an awesome Design Phone ..

  2. Awesome, I’m impressed that they put the environment into consideration for this series. I’m amazed how they made environment and technology harmonized.

  3. One of the best and trusted brand in the country.
    So amazing Realme G2 series.
    Loved the design and features of this product

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