SHARP launches new 8K AQUOS TV and sound bar for upgraded entertainment

SHARP Philippines recently launched the AQUOS The Scenes 8K TV and sound bar, their new flagship audio visual product and anniversary model in celebration of their 20th year anniversary. The new pair is set to provide new dimensions of immersive experience starting this October.

Before we go into details, here’s a brief background: AQUOS is an original coined word, which came from “aqua” and “quality”. It has been used by SHARP since 2001 as the symbol of “new standard home-used TV for the 21st century”. In 2000, SHARP declared a grand resolution to change all CRT TVs in Japan to LCD TVs within 5 years, when only 4% of the TVs were LCDs*2. After 20 years, almost the entire world already switched to LCD TVs, with SHARP at the helm of innovation. In fact, they were able to sell 50 million units in 2020.

This 2021, they’re challenging themselves again to “change the world” with 8K+5G by making the price of their 8K TV more affordable while maintaining its benchmark within the 4K premium TV zone. 

“AQUOS THE SCENES 8K creates an exciting experience of overwhelming images and sound effects that changes our customers’ houses into a theatre. Just like the first year we launched our AQUOS brand 20 years ago, we offer new value to the market together with our partners,” shares Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Senior Executive Managing Officer, Head of Asian, Oceanian, and European Business. 

In case you’re interested to #AddToCart soon, here’s a look at its main features:


As the flagship model in AQUOS lineup, the DW1 is packed with key features for family seeking premium visual experiences at homes. This model provides 8K Ultra-High Definition (8K UHD) resolution and is available in 60- and 70-inch options. Combined with newly developed Deep Chroma Display Pro and Z2 Revelation Processor, DW1 will turn your living room into a theater room. 

“My team in Japan collaborates with Japan R&D Malaysia R&D team.  By matching Japans best technology over local needs,” said Shigeru Kojima, Head of ASEAN, Taiwan, MEA & Oceania TV R&D. 

Deep Chroma Display Pro

The product achieved a color gamut that exceeds 100%* of the digital cinema color gamut standard, and 167% of the screen brightness compared to the conventional model. SHARP’s unique high quality 8K UV2A panel made in Japan with low reflection structure, and newly developed backlight. 

*DCI(1976) area ratio

HDR Enhanced+ Powered by Z2 Revelation Processor

SHARP’s proprietary processing (patent pending) also allows users to experience realistic and deep images. Nowadays, content brightness is diversified, but it does not always display the contrast comfortably to the viewers. HDR Enhanced+ optimizes middle tones, where people can easily perceive contrast by optimizing the amount of light, by detecting darker and brighter areas, and by driving its backlight.

8K Content on YouTube

You can enjoy the beautiful journey around the world through 8K large screen.  YouTube is one of the streaming video platforms which provides 8K contents.  DW1X series adopts the latest AV1 format adopted for their 8K streaming.

AQUOS 8K Content Downloader 

With this app, 8K videos shot by smartphone are wirelessly shared and displayed to DW1X via Google Drive with ease.  Users can even share 8K photos/videos from outside their home.

By shooting and uploading data to Google Drive via smartphone, 8K photos and videos are downloaded to inserted USB pen drive of the TV, without losing resolution. After downloading, TV presents your family photo album as all the data are kept in the USB.  

SHARP Cocoro Album

SHARP COCORO ALBUM performs AI recognition and automatic classification of the family members, places, and time to create memory folders. You can share the fun memories with your family in the living room with the large screen.

Entertainment features

Android TV makes it easier to get more from your TV. Choose from 400,000+ movies and shows from across streaming services, ask Google to control your TV, get recommendations of what to watch, dim the lights, and more just with your voice. Plus, you can cast photos, videos, and music from your smart devices to your TV with Chromecast built-in™.  It even helps get your job done by mirroring your work PC to your living room TV!

Needless to say, all kinds of VOD services are on your hands, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and more VODs are available. 


The C22CX1 series sound bar home theatre system, on the other hand, uses OPSODIS technology which accurately simulates many three-dimensional audio formats commonly used in TV, cinema and gaming. OPSODIS simulates how humans perceive sound in a real environment. The unique stereophonic reproduction technology controls the time difference of the sound, allowing the listener to experience a natural stereophonic sound that reaches the left and right ears directly. Customers can further enhance the immersive experience by connecting this sound bar to AQUOS THE SCENES 8K TV.

“OPSODIS can reproduce 360-degree immersive sound even without special sources nor rear speakers,” explains Shigeru Okubo, Head of Audio R&D. “By simulating how humans perceive sound and applying original speaker layout theory, the audience will not sense the existence of speakers. Instead, the feeling of being on the scene is achieved.”

OPSODIS is a three-dimensional audio technology jointly developed by Kajima Corporation and the University of Southampton. Kajima Technical Research Institute has a wealth of experience in architectural acoustics, such as the design of concert halls and music studios. The Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton is a world leader in acoustics and conducts cutting edge research in many areas of the field.

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