This brand encourages women to ‘Bare to Declare’ their own version of beauty

Most women will have heard or read someone make an unsolicited remark about how they look whether at home, outside, or online. Social media is especially widespread not just with comments, but also with unrealistic beauty standards from brands and celebrities. Some get the notion that it’s “normal,” but that shouldn’t be the case.

It’s best to remember that there’s no definite standard of what it means to be beautiful, so there should be nothing or no one to hold you back from owning your version of it! When you acknowledge every part of yourself and use it to your advantage, nobody will be able to put it against you.

Beauty might be skin-deep, but self-love runs deeper. That’s why it’s time you Bare to Declare your beauty standard—after all, Avon’s got you covered with products that nourish your own beauty.

Skin So Soft and So You

Every Filipina can feel sexy with radiantly soft skin with the new and improved Skin So Soft Hand and Body Lotions by Avon, now formulated with Deep Absorb TechnologyTM that can penetrate up to 10 layers of skin which means that all the nourishing and protecting ingredients are deeply absorbed, making skin look and feel amazing from within.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy the sunshine when you put on Skin So Soft Radiance + SPF15 Hand and Body Lotion which protects you from UV rays, while also improving dull skin in just 3 days with active Glutathione formula.

Go from uneven to flawless skin with Skin So Soft Perfectly Even Hand and Body Lotion with 99% Kojic concentrate and SPF6, which is powered with 5A complex that will make any skin tone naturally even, sun-protected, and nourished.

Dry & sagging skin? That’s no problem with Skin So Soft Firm Bright Hand and Body Lotion, infused with Vitafirm complex and Carrot root extract that keeps skin look and feel firmer in just 3 days.

Keep your skin silky-smooth throughout the day with Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Hand and Body Lotion that’s infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E for long-lasting moisture.

Last but not the least, you can achieve radiant skin faster and brighter than ever before with Skin so Soft Ultra Radiance Hand and Body Lotion, now with 4x more Glutathione.Combined with Gluta Booster Technology, you can increase your natural Gluta in the skin by up to 27%. Furthermore, this formula is 99% enforced with pure Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), and Amino Acids.

Go Nude with an Attitude

Avon has recently strengthened their position to be more inclusive for every size, skin tone, gender, and identity through Intimate Apparel.

Last May, the brand encouraged women to “Own Your Stage” with the Invisicool collection that can support you at whatever stage in life you are – be it a striving mom, a plus-sized queen, or even an experienced boss. By July, the brand invited every body and everybody to “Come As You Are” with the first gender-free Limitless underwear collection in the country.

This time, women are encouraged to take on the world with a nude attitude with Avon Intimate Apparel. It has additional shades that can complement morena, medium-tone, and fair skin tones. It also offers a variety of designs to choose from: signature lace bras, nude printed bras, and innovative and moulded bras.

Whether you’re working from home or running a quick errand, you can still take it light and easy with the 3-piece loungewear collection that you can wear from day to night. A true level-up from your usual house clothes, this selection is made with innovative, lightweight fabric, and moves sweat from your body so you can be comfortable throughout the day. It comes in a versatile nude that pairs well with your skin, regardless of complexion.

Find the perfect support for your body and don’t let anyone dim your glow! As long as you feel good, you’re already on your way to being the best version of yourself. There’s no pressure to give in to what other people might say. Because whichever you choose, Avon encourages you to #BareToDeclare your version of beauty.

Check the whole collection now at or contact your local Avon representative. (P.S. Avon provides livelihood opportunities for women, too! Let’s support our local Avon ladies.)

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