Recap the Birth of Champions: Honkai Impact 3 wins its first collaborative entry in Macau Grand Prix

miHoYo’s 3D action game Honkai Impact 3 and professional race team Z-Challenger PRP (PRP for short) joined forces in mid-October to compete in the 67th Macau Grand Prix. PRP fielded their two prime race cars, both Lotus Elise GT5, to bring home the Elise GT Cup trophy.

Guia Circuit, the finest street circuit

With their first run in 1954 and 67 competitions since then, the annual Macau Grand Prix is the largest sports and tourism phenomenon in Macau. Guia Circuit, the main venue of this year’s Grand Prix, is regarded as one of the finest street circuits in the world.

Blessed by Valkyries? PRP finished first and second!

PRP’s centers Pluto Mok and Jason Mok brothers appeared in red and blue race cars, which closely resembled Rita and Durandal from Honkai Impact 3, transforming their driving machines into Valkyries that stormed the tracks.

A red Lotus Elise GT5 representing Rita
A blue Lotus Elise GT5 representing Durandal

Jason Mok’s race car malfunctioned in the preliminaries, forcing him to quit after running only two laps, which toppled him from the second to the bottom on the ranking. On the day of the finals, the older Pluto Mok led the race from the start, whereas Jason Mok had to make it past every other racer from the last place. What happened next could be described as a miracle: The first-time competing Mok brothers finished first and second after twelve laps and landed on the podium honoring the best with Valkyries!

Close-up drift performance bearing best wishes

The drifting exhibition took place next to the main circuit. Their teammates Trefer, along with Valkyries, and a sports car adorned with Honkai Impact 3’s Fervent Tempo livery helped spread joy and courage to everyone on a stage closer to players.

We’re fun-loving players off the battlefield

Honkai Impact 3’s first collaboration with a professional race team also marks the debut of anime-cosplaying racing queens in the history of Macau Grand Prix. The four Valkyries have injected more diversity and freshness into the major racing event. Check out their exclusive behind-the-scenes to relive the spectacular race day!

Download Honkai Impact 3 here!

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  1. Wow hindi po ako nglalaro nito pero grabe ang ggnda ng mga car sobra . Nkaka amaze lalo na mga kids ma aamaze tlga dito ❤️😊

  2. An anime game so popular it has bled into real world activities. Those outfits look great and also the animation.

  3. Super cool ng mga cars..di basta-basta ang laro pang world class..Parang nagka interest nadin akong subukan laruin to😊..

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