Ming Sing Agua de Florida makes a comeback in Filipinas’ ‘tita kit’ with new self-care products

90s kids, do you still remember how your grandparents’ homes smelled like? My favorite lolo and lola‘s hallways and rooms smelled like a mix of Sandalwood and Jasmine but I didn’t know the name of the product that gave off that smell until I received an invite to attend Taiwan brand Ming Sing‘s product launch in the Philippines. The slim green bottle with Chinese characters looked awfully familiar and then it hit me: It was THAT household staple when I was a kid! Fast forward to 2023, this Asian cult-favorite is making a comeback not just in Filipino homes, but also in “tita kits” as new self-care products infused with the well-loved Agua de Florida. Gotta keep up with the times, right?

The classic Agua de Florida, which was known for its physical and spiritual cleansing properties, now comes in a special classy 50mL bottle that can match any home aesthetic. It was used as a cologne, itch reliever, air freshener, and sanitizer but it also gained popularity for its applications in spiritual wellness as it was thought to enhance rituals, cleanse negative energy, and be used for ancestral offerings.

On top of the new packaging that has been exclusively released in the Philippines, Ming Sing has also introduced a moisturizing candle that can also be used on the skin, a mosquito repellent and itch reliever that smells like Agua de Florida, and a hand sanitizer imbued with crystal chips.

For Women Who Can Do It All

In line with Women’s Month, the new products were inspired by “women who have and can truly do it all”. The brand’s intimate launch last Friday (March 24) at EDSA Shangri-La sported the theme – also the brand’s tagline – ‘She Can Do it All’. The phrase is an empowering battle cry stemming from the belief that self-care is an important foundation and cornerstone of setting oneself up for the success she chooses for herself. The event featured content creator, educator, and self-love advocate Ayn Bernos as the event’s keynote speaker; content creator and courtside reporter Sabrina San Diego as host, and Certified Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Level III, Energy Healer, and Mindfulness and Meditation Coach Ea Torrado who offered tarot reading and coaching to attendees.

The ‘Tita’ Starter Kit

Agua de Florida

Price: Php 790

Also known as “Florida Water”, this product was first formulated in 1907 and has since become a staple in every Chinese household. Eventually, it was exported around Asia, making it a cult-favorite. Touted as a multiuse product, Agua de Florida has been used by women for generations to help remove body odor, to freshen the air, to calm the nerves, relieve headaches, soothe itches, and even sanitize one’s environment.

Ming Sing’s Agua de Florida includes a unique blend of 70% denatured alcohol and essential oils, and sports a nostalgic scent reminiscent of those comforting, unhurried days with your favorite lola. The formulation is safe to use for multiple applications such as perfume, fabric or air freshener, and even a gentle surface cleaner.

Mosquito Repellent

Price: Php 380

Who would say no to organic plant-based products that are safe for both humans and the environment? Ming Sing Mosquito Repellent, which contains Citriodiol® by Citrefine, is a natural substance that has been scientifically proven to be just as effective as the synthetic DEET often found in other insect-repellent products. It provides up to 4 hours of protection and it’s really easy to apply vs insect repellents in lotion form.

Crystal Hand Sanitizer

Price: Php 330

I have crystal jewelries and figures made out of different stones but this is the first time that I’ve encountered a hand sanitizer with crystal chips! In other cultures, crystals are known for helping with manifestation and bringing luck, prosperity, and happiness. Here in the Philippines, Ming Sing Philippines Co-Director of Business Development Leo Lau says their products bring “ginhawa“, even if you don’t believe in the properties of stones, given its 75% denatured alcohol that can effectively sanitize and disinfect hands.

There are currently three variants available — Olivine for removing negative energies and restoring emotional balance, Citrine for boosting self-esteem (also known as a prosperity stone), and Tourmaline for happiness (and protection).

Moisturizing Candle

Price: Php 1,250

Looking for a multi-functional body balm? This candle in White Rose and Red Rose scents can be used as a body moisturizer, too! It has a unique blend of soy and coconut wax, which not only moisturizes skin but also melts at body temperature for a luxurious, spa-like experience. According to Ming Sing, it can help with minor skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dry or cracked skin, and rough cuticles. As someone with eczema, I’m excited to test if it really works!

Itch Reliever

Price: Php 450

Ming Sing’s Anti-Itch Roller blends a tailor-made ingredient called Minbishu with a handpicked selection of gentle essential oils that can effectively soothe itchy skin and calm inflammation. You can bring this on the go or in your first aid kit as it’s quite small!

These are the first few products in their line, but it won’t end here as Ming Sing promises to continue innovating and introducing more self-care products in the future.

Ming Sing Taiwan CEO Evelyn Kwok and Ming Sing Philippines Co-Director of Business Development Leo Lau toasts to the official launch of Ming Sing Philippines.

“There’s more to look forward to from the Ming Sing line, because our philosophy is to put a twist to everyday products. Just like how Ming Sing Agua de Florida touched so many lives back then, we want to do the same with our new product line. This is truly just the beginning. This is all still a work in progress. People can look forward to more from the brand, not just in the way of products but especially in the way we strive to make an impact for women and the community,” shares Lau.

Can’t wait to see what’s next! For now, you can check out Ming Sing’s products via Shopee and Lazada.

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  1. I suddenly miss my grandparents. Btw, ang ganda ng products nila lalo na iyong Crystal Hand Sanitizer. Looking forward sa iba pa nilang products.

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